Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shopping is the best cure

Okay after my incident last June 6, going out is really not an option LOL got so bored at home, doing geeky stuff the whole week. I want to breath beautiful things--- so I end up--- harassing my newly replaced BDO Platinum card (which byway, is really super fast with their replacement service, 3 days? or just 2, your replacement card is here already, super classy service).
It looks nice on actual, not leather, but feels leather.
It is a combination of leather and canvas, from MONDO (The Ramp) PhP1,350.00
But actually I know it's from HK, they just labelled it.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Globe Broadband Failed Me

Facebook won't open, Google won't load.
It's raining outside, and you're broke?!
WTH Globe!
I can't reach the world.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Blog Absence

Sorry for my super long blog absence, I was too busy to update things here, but here's a good news!
The wait is over, our website will be launched tomorrow! Wuhoo!
Actually there will be two sites, the first will be for everybody---
like the generally health conscious people, and for even the not so.
I hope your experience with/in the site would be nice---
informative and well I hope next time interactive too.
Here's the full range of products--- Glow coconut sugar and syrup.
It will be featured in our site.

Sex and the City 2

It's mesmerizing-ly beautiful, with all the fabulous clothes, Abu Dhabi, glamour--- it's a dream world.

It's the Gay-est movie ever! Just oh-so-fantastic, it left me dreaming--- of Abu Dhabi, shopping, and augh.

Nice gold sparkle-y Christian Louboutins. Love the gold glasses too.
(Below) Clothes really compliment their whole--- everything, super galing the stylist!
This scene is super fun, I'd like to do one here in Manila--- 
that is sing live and don't think at all of how I would sound.
Wala na akong masabi, speechless. Watch it, I'll watch it ten times and won't get used to the glam.