Saturday, August 29, 2009

Net-working Builds Big Things

Okay, okay, ---because of, as always--- boredom, I get to read a lot of blogs today, mostly from my blog list, well, read one nice entry by iluwfashion (click here for the original entry) about networking and it's importance.

The topic is a must to read, as it is really practical, and of great importance for people, like me (into starting up business) and you, and many others who are looking for a nice decent job or might as well say--- their dream job.

Creating connections, contacts, relationship--- is just an accidental bump in the parking lot, a coffee spill, or whatever (for girl can be a simple compliment to another girl about her necklace or dress) away--- okay it's not easy starting a conversation, but if you really are eager, eat that fear away and speak up, talk your way in--- it really helps that you read or watch or whatever just anything to get GREY matter (as what my professor calls it), general knowledge to share in those conversations they have or you think the person you encounter have an interest in.

This qoute is super true:
"Address books with valuable contacts are worth their weight in gold."
Just like what I blogged the other day about the phonebook and friends. It has been different now, before (teeny boppers time) it was just a game to have lots of friends in a social network contacts, add them up even though you don't know them, but now, it became a serious business, you get to a contacts you think might add a value to you.

Hmm. Maybe one secret is, don't think of yourself as less of the other person you are talking to, you might as well fantasize over your character at the moment but still be the person you are.

Hairstylistics Blog

Hmm. Lookie lookie what I have found, a blog featuring hairstyles, unluckily the lastest entry to date was October, last year. Lol, Too bad this blog might have been somthing.

Motorola A3000 Little Copy Cat

Source: gsmarena

It looks dashingly similar to our dearest Apple's iPhone, but ofcourse minus the special features, like one thing that's important for me--- WiFi. But I think it has some advantages over iPhone, well again for me, it's the office viewer/editor, because I frequently need something to put my thoughts on whenever my thinking caps is on, so it's really nifty to have an office at hand, and just edit some stuff at home in your desktop.

Are You Crazy Over Lacoste?

If you really want that alligator whatever crocodile, here's the polo shirt for you.

Desthinkt: Design Studio

Ofcourse, I forgot to promote desthinkt, the design studio I planned to put up after resigning, lol.

I would like to introduce to you Desthinkt, a design studio that caters to all your design and creative requirements with service distinct to your every need. We are offering the following services:
Thoughts and Visuals
:Creative and art direction, copywriting, graphic design, brand building and corporate identity development, corporate give-aways, packaging design, web design and development, flash banner ads.
:Fashion, travel, portrait, product, landscapes, architectural.
:painting: oil, water and acrylic; freehand drawing: pencil, charcoal; character/ mascot development; visual merchandise set up; image boarding for fashion and colorboarding for interior design.

We also do t-shirt design and t-shirt printing at a flexible cost for a volume. Please visit our blog website to view some of our works:
So, if you guys have something, or need something, please feel free to email me at or at or might as well just call +63 922 830 68 30

Rush Again

Watched it again, just did because I was searching for it last night to lend it to Anton--- he was some kind of an August rush himself. LOL. Well, okay, it was I think the 4th time I did saw it, but still never fails to touch me, and make me cry.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Book Version VS Silver Screen

I am not pertaining to this particular comment, but most of the time--- they always compare versions. Can't they understand that you can't squeeze the whole book into a two- hour to three hour movie?

Friends or Not Friends

Source: GSMarena

I think friendship is like a phonebook, you eliminate numbers that are not active anymore to make room for new ones. Do you agree with me? Or is it to harsh to say, 'Why keep something that is useless, or won't fit you anymore?' (as to clothes) Just wondering if my judgement is right, or still right? Or am I making my life into a big business, where friends are just turning into contacts. WT*. Am I ruining the true meaning of friendship. I just thought of this because of this thing with my interns, I've always been confused (now that we're not in the office anymore) on what to call/label them now--- my 'former' interns? (I think it sounds boss-y or whatever, never really treated them like interns) Or friends? Especially Mon, with Anton (We see each other atleast once a week for a project) At a certain level are we supposed to be calling each other friends?
Okay not my phone but like it.

How about my classmates in highschool, where they were supposed to be my friends forever, as so called, which I haven't spoken since time immemorial. They were the eliminated numbers, well literally, I seem to have no number of any one from highschool. What a pity. Highschool friends were supposed to be the friends you will still have until you're old old old--- but look at me, LOL, 18 people in my class, and I haven't even got to keep atleast one number. Not even my alma mater--- they didn't even knew I graduated with flying f*ck. (How come I don't have a banner?) Well atleast my name won't be dragged by that school, I thank thee for forgetting me. LOL. Enough of sour graping.

That's all I think I need to brush up friendship course? What do you think? LOL. Or maybe not, at my age, friendship is hmm over rated already. It should be all professional. Evil!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Smart Communication TVC

I wish they show this again, it's very high in EQ, you would really think of the different things a cellphone, and a service can do. But the last one was freaky, texting a dead person.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10,000 Hair Dos

I've had all the hair dos you can imagine. From my childhood days, where all of us wear the same apple cut as kids--- it's really cute back then. To spikey--- almost no hair, came the popularity of the oasis cut during highschool, where you have this weird hair going upward--- to the most popular one, the long hair from F4 phenomena--- to layered almost shaggy, retro style, then came the anime look, then followed by Korean hairstyles. I think I am lucky to be born into a fashionista family--- no restrains what-so-ever when it comes to my hair. lol

F4 hair: I think this was second year, in UST. (I was always mistaken for a girl, with my hair, well with any hairstyle I wear?! I wonder why?) Yes, I think I did sport a long hair for two years?! This was second year NatSci field trip.

Korean Spikes: Spikey Korean hair, let's just say--- I am tired of my long hair. (Me looking Harry Potter)

Chinese Model: This one, I got the inspiration from Jerry Fu, a famous model from China, from my recent trip in HK.

And now, I am crazy with Tom Cruise' Valkyre hair do.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Graphika Manila '09

Charles Chan (for Desthinkt) was there!

Made me miss everything artsy--- my life in college, my life around beautiful things, my life pure of idealism--- fantasy. lol

Great speakers! especially Stefan Sagmeister! Love the song.

See you next year! (More videos to come.)

Friday, August 14, 2009

My First Attempt to Web Design

Thanks to Mon-ster! And GCI Construction for giving me an opportunity, to design the logo and the web. Here here, I think it still needs some revisions though, like dropshadow for the header--- tsk tsk, white on yellow, f*ck. But I guess Green+Gold makes money, really!
And plus Mon, placed the desthinkt link on the footer of the site, cheers cheers! Thanks!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Help Us Help Fabella Badges

As a support for the fund raising for Fabella, please feel free to post these badges on your blogs.

I need space badge: <a href="" target=" _blank " ><img src= "" alt= " Help us help Fabella " ></a>

Babies share badge:
<a href="" target=" _blank " ><img src= "" alt= " Help us help Fabella " ></a>

Babies share badge v2:

Here's another badge: You can post as a floating badge on your multiply/ blogs.
Paste this tag in your 'Site Title' (for multiply users); for blogs, you can create a HTML container:

<a href="" target=" _blank " ><img src= "" class="band" border="none" alt= " Help us help Fabella " ></a>

Then, paste this in your CSS:{

The True Bulilit Story: Fabella Hospital Babies

Bulilit, bulilit ang liit, liit, kung kumilos, kumilos and liit liit, dahil sa masikip.

Here is the true story of the song:
These are babies at Fabella Hospital--- 3 babies sharing one bassinet--- 3 babies share one piece of cloth.

If these doesn't break your heart, I don't know with you. But after what have happened to me after resigning and all, I have decided to pledge our (desthinkt: design studio) first advocacy campaign to Fabella Hospital to help the babies get a decent space--- they are all crying 'give me space'.

For more infos on how to donate visit:

Chuvaness and The Bag Hag are also helping raise a PhP100,000.00.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pond's Sale at Unilever

Nice, ad on my blog, hmm let me see.

Pond’s is having a very special event on August 12, 2009 at 10am to 8pm, they will be having a VIP Pre-Sale at Magkakaibigan Hall, Gate 2, Unilever Philippines, United Nations Avenue, Manila, and they are giving VIP passes to all interested Nuffnangers! It's like shopping in a mall in closed doors, rich kid!

If you’re interested, please RSVP to Jenny Gapan, via mobile phone (0920-9703221), or landline (843-2310 / 843-1319).

Nuffnang Homepage New Layout

Cool new layout of Nuffnang homepage, must be Firdauz! Looking good, looking apple-ly?! Mac users. lol

Goldilocks Made the Girls Go Gaga

Because they have invited Dingdong Dantes (and Juddha Paolo?!) to present the winners of the Nuffnang Blog Contest Awarding by Goldilocks. The event was full of people, thank God it didn't rain, so I was there, too. Ofcourse to support my fellow (ooppss. ex- fellow nuffies, well not officially a nuffie). I brought with me Janelle.

It's fun too see the nuffies' work paid off! Congrats! Goldilocks and Nuffnang for a successful event, I hope to see more of Goldilocks online!

And here's what the other bloggers missed:

They were all over Dingdong and they didn't even notice James Yap was there, dancing to the tune of Nobody.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Cory on PhP500.00 Peso Bill

Hmm. Perhaps if she'll be named a heroine, another version of PhP500.00 bill?

UST Honors President Cory Aquino

The Order of Preachers--- Dominican Brothers, serviced a mass for Tita Cory, August 04, 2009, and invited all the Thomasians to take part in celebration of our Pres. Cory's legacy and pray for her soul.
UST announcement:

To honor the former President Corazon C. Aquino, THOMASIANS are requested to
wear YELLOW t-shirts and to attend the MASS at the Manila Cathedral today,
August 4, 2009 at 7:00 P.M. INSTEAD OF 8:00 P.M. with the Dominican
brethren led by UST Rector, Rev. Fr. Rolando V. de la Rosa, O.P. as
concelebrant. The UST Symphony Orchestra will provide the musical part of the

Me and Janelle went to UST (nostalgia---wt*) to meet up with the group going to Manila Cathedral, but unfortunately, we were late.

So we decided to just go there straight.

Guards were strict, luckily I have with me my UST Alumni ID, and Fr. Rector Dela Rosa came to our rescue (we have formed a UST group outside the cathedral). We entered the gates for VIPs and relatives (4 Thomasians were left, including me after the guards allowed only 10 people from UST, but then Ting Ting Cojuangco made a consideration (I guess) and let us thru--- she shocked me--- she talked to me and asked me if I were from the UST group, and then she pointed me to our place. *Very sweet lady, as I imagined her to be.)

Then, mass started, the sermon that Cardinal Vidal gave, was an okay sermon, but it was the second one that had a very good point--- He pointed that Cory was an amateur, an amateur president that knows nothing--- nothing about corruption, etc. Amateur only works for passion and love, unlike the inteligentes.

The mass ended with this---.

A PhP 100.00 shirt that will be part of history.

Monday, August 03, 2009


OMG! I am on my favorite blog's blog list.

Paolo Savi Tres Chic Blog.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sta. Maria Corazon!?

Source: Time

I wonder if Tita Cory, would have a chance on sainthood? Being a devout Catholic, and using prayer as a tool to preserve democracy, and almost for any problem she and the country faces. She promoted devotion to Mary and praying the Rosary.

July Preview: Maricel Soriano

I know this is so late.

But let me just say this, I want more issues like this.

We see Maricel rock a drama scene, but--- cover of a fashion magazine? I wasn't expecting that she would do this. Okay, I see her wearing sophistic clothes, in interviews. She looks simple, yet very mayaman.
I think this is the best issue, after recession struck the magazine industry. Preview's cover this July really crapped Mega's.

Tita Cory, Goodbye.


She was the first president I know of. (I was born 1986, she was president until 1992.)

I remember that, brownouts are frequent that time--- and I always hate and blame that to--- Pres. Cory, because we have a lady president. (I never thought of Meralco, I thought it was some magic that we have electricity and it works like Poseidon, hates girls on boat--- sailing.)

Not all of us would agree, that she was a good president during her term. And she didn't, well likely, have all the right decisions, everytime.


One, was because--- she was a Cojuangco (everybody knows that Hacienda Luisita incident, right?). And later, she was one of the personalities that helped oust F.Pres. Estrada, and then now calls for Pres. Arroyo's resignation. But I think this was just minor things we should be thinking--- let's look at the bigger picture--- she is a symbol of democracy. She is the face of People Power.

Source: Calavera Comics

One more thing that made me proud of her, was when she visited their ancestral hall in China. She values her roots--- I am sure she made the Chinoys proud. (Click here for her China visit)

She was a proud Filipino.