Monday, November 30, 2009

Little Black Dress

Lo, and behold the emergence of the little black dress (LBD).

Got to watch Coco avant Chanel just now--- Starring Audrey Tautou, Benoît Poelvoorde, Alessandro Nivola. It's about Gabrielle turning into Coco and building the empire Chanel.

It's fun to watch French movies, you hear them utter very elegant language, that you could almost fell inlove with just their words, I don't know how could I be more descriptive, there's no words to best describe French as a language, as a style.

The first day of the LBD

The movie portrayed her as an independent woman (not in monetary terms but as an individual, how she handles her self)--- though still yearns for true love, attention that is genuinely hers, maybe it's more appropriate to say that she is aggressive and delicate at the same time. She doesn't like restrictions, even for clothes--- "Why want something that gives you hard time to breath" or something like that pertaining to the corset. She revolutionized women's clothes--- femenine to masculine inspired.

Her lovelife was a disaster, ofcourse at that time, it was all marriage of convenience, but she loved at her best--- well that's what I think, she loved Boy, she loved Balsan.

She was very inlove with Boy. You can see it in her eyes (very well presented by Audrey, her expressions, you can see that she longs for that perfect love)

Alessandro Nivola played as Boy or Capt.Arthur Capel.
Photo Credit: Strolling Player
Must be really a charming guy, all the actors who played his role are.

Benoît Poelvoorde played as Étienne Balsan
Photo Credit: Aceshowbiz

I can't say watch it, because it's not available here at the moment or maybe not at all--- it's in French. A not so prevalent language here.

Badminton All-You-Can

Some players from GFAPY and some of their friends.

I joined the Badminton Forever Sports Practice organized by Leo.

It was held at Court 12, 1281 G. Araneta Ave.,cor. Calamba Street, Sto. Domingo, Quezon City, a very secluded place, for a badminton court. But nevertheless, still nice, and even better because you can have the whole court (literally the whole whole of the badminton court) for yourself.

I was very excited, even jumpy to know that they have this badminton every weekends (even before). It's been 6 years already since I last held a racket (badminton; 'caused played table tennis back in college, I really suck in that sport), and swing it to hit a shuttle(cock) LOL. (Okay, quiet. Shh. Green minded people).

I play using Yonex racket before, but the one I am using already retired, so I bought a new one, still Yonex, ofcourse--- idol Kenny and Kennevic (Asuncion siblings) use them, just thinking that if I use them some magic will be showered upon me and be as good as them.

Kennivic and Kenny
Photo Credit: Pinoyurbanblog

It was so so great to have sweat like that sweat again (super wet after the game, even more with Jim, who has the super power hits, MAJINBU! He can hit the shuttle and make it fly, until you're not moving backwards already, and you're just running to catch the bird.

After the game, we went to Banawe for coffee. I haven't been at that part of Banawe, so it was a surprise for me to see that all the Starbucks' customers were Chinese, literally, that it look like I was in China all over again.

Okay, here are some of my new friends, hmm, okay maybe not yet, acquintance. We still need time to know each other.
From left: Arvin Chan (the one holding a cellphone and hiding her face, Crimson), Gerard Chua (Gold Ever) and Katrina Escolar (DLSU, Chiang Kai)

By the way, while playing with Kat, she asked me how old was I?--- She taught I was a highschool student, LOL, or atleast years younger than her, but she was wrong--- LOL. Still a compliment to look younger than my age. Wihihi. Baby face.

Here's Arvin without the phone stuck on her face, and Bek?!Bec?!
(Sorry for the photo, thanks to my E71, I can't take a decent picture of them)

There were others, like Jim Chiu, and Leo Natividad and his howe (which I forgot the name, tsk tsk, senior moment here, ironic.) *Update: Aia, is the name of Leo's howe.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Korean Exhibit at Shangri-La Plaza

With the recently concluded Korean Cutural Festival for the celebration of the Philippines-Korean Diplomatic relation, Korean Embassy arranged a series of events to entertain and bit to educate their Filipino friends of the culture, food and real entertainment. Here are some of the displayed stuff from Korean, I bet you know some of them and can recall them from the epic telenovela 'Jewel in the Palace' shown in GMA 7.

Hanbok: For male, still has some intericate designs and lovely colors (comparing with the girls')

The Korean Cultural Festival is from November 19 to 23, and was opened with an exhibit at the Shangri-La Manila Hotel at Mandaluyong.

Ornaments for the dress, worn by women.

I don't know what this (photo above) is made of, and what it is for, I forgot to look at the labels. But the blurred photo of the label read something about birthday for old people, so maybe it's made of candle, and then it serves at the birthday candle to be blown by the celebrant.

I am sure you recoginze this--- Surasang. The meal with an entourage--- several servants carry this rich meal for just one person--- the King. See photo below for the explanation.

Kimchi, the most popular deli from Korea.

I think this was fillet-ed first then breaded and then boiled in and made into soup.

One of the other famous deli, the BulGoGi! More like Beef Stew, something like Bistek?!

The demo--- cooking by a Korean expert, I guess. With the interpreter.

Korean dishes are one of the most colorful and well plated cuisine in the world. Well, I guess they follow a principle, that what is pleasing to the eye is pleasing to the stomach. LOL

The famous Ginseng: Believed to cure everything.

Koreans are not only know for their Kimchi but also for the expertise in making their food tools for medication. They really study every aspect of the ingredients they are going to cook, benefits and bad side effects.

By the way, the display really looked real, and fresh--- but it's only the works of food styling! Kudos to the food stylist, or food prostetics?!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Rises

Saw New Moon today, on its first day. Okay, let me just tell you, that people are so damn crazy (well, not me, hmm okay count me, but didn't want to be the last to see it, plus I have to seize the moment). There's literally sea of people flocking their asses in the lobby of the cinemas--- from Shangri-la Cineplex (jam-packed) moved to SM Mega Mall Movietime (did just assumed that since they have a bigger space it won't be as packed as that of Shang's). Line at the ticket booth was fast, bought tickets for the 8:30 pm screening--- people already lined up after getting the ticket at around 7:30?!pm, but still need to buy something so me and my shobe went there fast. But fast is not fast enough, it should be ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM (ala Mazda), 'cause when we got back, it's all snake-y all over the place. LOL. Luckily I'm so lucky, LOL, I got the best seat for my blurry vision.

Hmm, now, for the movie, it's everything I imagined it would be, every scene that I pictured in my head, just came as it is--- only rendered by Chris Weist. We can't say that it's perfect, but atleast at some point it gave justice to the story for a 1 and 1/2 hour period. The only thing I hated about it was the transformation of the tribe into wolves--- it sucks, I was expecting a little --- okay a creapier--- fierce-r, transformation. And not like this funny furry looking wolf:

As for the Volturi, so- so character castings but nevertheless, still good. So-so because I was looking for a majestic feel, aura, beauty--- that will surpass that of the Cullen clan. Fight scene at their teritory was good, but the best was the fight between Paul and Jacob, or maybe of Jacob and Edward if it did happen.

Can't wait for the next sequel.

Looks real.

Mano Po 吻手

After the first Mano Po with the Go family, came the second Mano Po, subtitled as My Home 我的家 with the Chan Family--- not being baised okay, but I think it's the best Mano Po ever. It reflect what really happens inside a Filipino-Chinese family--- 3 wives, having children each, money, greed.

Maybe this next Mano Po that features Sharon Cuneta (My Mother 母愛), will surpass Mano Po: My Home, I just think.

Let's just see, I don't really get the whole thing of the movie--- 2 lahi? Isn't that the thing--- Filipino and Chinese? How come that it brings bad luck? Or bring a Filipino boy at home? Nahh, okay just wait for December. Am not a fan of Heart nor Dennis, so will just stay skeptical.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Auctioned: Memories

Yes, they are leaving us behind--- the antique living room set, that was handed down from my great-grandma, to my grandma, and then to us. They have to leave already. They need new owners--- antiques restore-rs.

The rest, supports your bad perfectly, it's like butterfly wings. Sulijia/ Sulihiyas breath, it's perfect of our tropical weather. It's very unlike of those leather seats--- which by the way I think my mom will buy in replacement for these. Leather only gives you the comfort of ---lesser mess, maintenance wise better.

The broken sulijias/sulihiya didn't dismay the mang-a-antique, it added to its value--- rich memories of the old times are written in every carve, scratches and cracks. As it boards, I stared for awhile, and can't help to notice its discerningly majestic past--- the glamour, the way of life the previous owners of these had. It's still a beauty.

It's time to say goodbye. I hope I can buy them back after, but all the memories will be scrapped out (restoration will erase all the memories)

Subic Lighthouse to China

A moment, for photography is very important. If you witnessed a moment, you must grab the chance to take it, store it in memory thru a photograph.

This was while the coaster is on its way home, I can't help it so I opened the window and took the shot. Too bad, I don't have a telephoto or a zoom lens.

Untouched photo of a lighthouse on top of the mountain.
It reminds me of Pagodas or Chinese Temples on top of mountains.

Edited version

In painted effect

This is my inspiration: Mt. Huang/ HuangShan.
Chinese watercolor paintings.

It is believed that in the highlands/ mountains lives the great, mystical dragon, and painting of mountains represents something good--- TOP, being on top.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Updated Again: Performing at Subic: Ad Congress

Lobby of the Subic Bay Convention

Well, I had fun riding the 'roller' coaster on our way here (via SCTEX), though most of the ride--- I was down dead sleeping. LOL

The big bag with the little loot.
Unfortunately, I don't have one--- we chose just to visit spectrum that day, which was by-the-way (highway!), was just on their preparation period.

Coca-Cola Booth by my classmate Brett, which I met there

Smart Booth, I guess they have something big, but Globe:

is bigger?! I guess.

It comes with the Ayala Group, so I hmm that means Smart is way bigger.

The three leading broadsheets were there, I took one of our client: The Philippines Star (with my Dad):

And him with some cars:

with Alex and Dad: MX5

Here are the guys, I mean girls: Shei/Shai, Andrea, Arvin and Mimi

Everyone: Mimi, Rene, Shai, Andrea, Arvin, Alex and dad

The most exciting part of the trip, was going back, LOL: 3:00 p.m. my favorite time, the best time to shoot in the province.

Like God was talking.

I miss Ilocos, --- 3 p.m. sunset, the old buildings turns into gold.