Monday, November 30, 2009

Badminton All-You-Can

Some players from GFAPY and some of their friends.

I joined the Badminton Forever Sports Practice organized by Leo.

It was held at Court 12, 1281 G. Araneta Ave.,cor. Calamba Street, Sto. Domingo, Quezon City, a very secluded place, for a badminton court. But nevertheless, still nice, and even better because you can have the whole court (literally the whole whole of the badminton court) for yourself.

I was very excited, even jumpy to know that they have this badminton every weekends (even before). It's been 6 years already since I last held a racket (badminton; 'caused played table tennis back in college, I really suck in that sport), and swing it to hit a shuttle(cock) LOL. (Okay, quiet. Shh. Green minded people).

I play using Yonex racket before, but the one I am using already retired, so I bought a new one, still Yonex, ofcourse--- idol Kenny and Kennevic (Asuncion siblings) use them, just thinking that if I use them some magic will be showered upon me and be as good as them.

Kennivic and Kenny
Photo Credit: Pinoyurbanblog

It was so so great to have sweat like that sweat again (super wet after the game, even more with Jim, who has the super power hits, MAJINBU! He can hit the shuttle and make it fly, until you're not moving backwards already, and you're just running to catch the bird.

After the game, we went to Banawe for coffee. I haven't been at that part of Banawe, so it was a surprise for me to see that all the Starbucks' customers were Chinese, literally, that it look like I was in China all over again.

Okay, here are some of my new friends, hmm, okay maybe not yet, acquintance. We still need time to know each other.
From left: Arvin Chan (the one holding a cellphone and hiding her face, Crimson), Gerard Chua (Gold Ever) and Katrina Escolar (DLSU, Chiang Kai)

By the way, while playing with Kat, she asked me how old was I?--- She taught I was a highschool student, LOL, or atleast years younger than her, but she was wrong--- LOL. Still a compliment to look younger than my age. Wihihi. Baby face.

Here's Arvin without the phone stuck on her face, and Bek?!Bec?!
(Sorry for the photo, thanks to my E71, I can't take a decent picture of them)

There were others, like Jim Chiu, and Leo Natividad and his howe (which I forgot the name, tsk tsk, senior moment here, ironic.) *Update: Aia, is the name of Leo's howe.


Leo said...

Wow, blogged agad tong event na to ah.. this event will be an every week event except for the coffee =) This week I hope that more GFAPY officers and guest will join us since BER months is busy months to a lot of us... Also, bring some friend along, the more the merrier...