Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nice Outdoor Ad

An outdoor ad from Switzerland

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ch-Eating Together

Here's Camille and the mister-y man! lol
Friday night is dinner date with friends from the office! Bubba Gump! Yehey! I missed Bubba Gump so much!

Camille has a libre coupon from Bubba, that's why we opted to eat at Bubba, and since we're all from the North, we decided to eat at Bubba Trinoma!

Cool ordering style!

I miss Janel, Cajun Shrimp, Popcorn Chicken? and Sweet and Spicy breaded Shrimp

Mystery Man's hand, proof of being matakaw

A fun night, we went for a little walk, and then went home full! except for me who's still starving.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Very Nice TVC

Twilight Premiere

Me and Camille went to Twilight's premiere night! Thanks to Robinsons!

The movie is extremely romantic, as in you're going to die after hearing Edward's uberly sweet lines.

Edward Cullen: That's what you dream about? Being a monster?
Isabella Swan:
I dream about being with you forever.

Edward Cullen: [to Bella] You are my life now.

Whoever said that Edward is the perfect-est character ever created is super right!

The movie like Roanna would put it, is 'viral'. I can't stop smiling.

After watching it you're going to want to be any of the character. Each character has it's distinct personality, where in you really want to think they're for real. Love love Dr. Cullen and his wifey. Love Mrs. Swan, lol cool mom, 'Are you doing it safe?' (referring to sex).

I so want to watch it all over again! Still not done with the book though. Well the book will just serve for the details purposes.

And as a surprise I bumped into several friends from college, je--, Rodel,and Natalie.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dirty Sexy Money

Dirty Sexy Money!

Probably the most sick TV series I ever watched! I so love it!

It's sickly filthy rich! Damn! I want to be a Darling rich before thirty.

But sadly there are rumors that it will soon end.

My favorite characters, a staple: Jeremy Darling, happy- go- lucky guy, adventureous, and Lucy Liu (forgot her role, on for season two) Jeremy's mom's prosecutor, sexy, and witty.

Out with the Old

Am I losing it?
Oh my god! Don't tell me I'm losing the creative juice. Augh. Crap.
I'm running crazy these past few days, emo for a moment, angry for a sec., just disturbed every hour. What's happening?! I can't explain it. Is this the result of working? working in a box.
Hmm... Then I thought of what I imagined Nuffnang office in Highstreet would be, when I first applied. The logo was very attractive, cute, creative design--- presents a very distinct blogger attitude. Then I imagined a place of light blue hue, orange pastels, pinks and yellow green. There would be coaches and pillows, cute ottomans, bean bags, and a Nintendo wii. Playful atmosphere of just like being at your nifty place at home. Well, of course I am not a Nuffie but an Outcommer, this wouldn't be a valid suggestion or rant over the Nuffnang admin, will it?
Hmm. *deep sigh* I'm just bored. I can't think of anything now. I can't think of anything crazy to put in the VidMag. I can't think of anything good. I want to see good stuff. Gold or whatever. DVD? anyone? I haven't watched any good shows lately, cause I have to sleep early--- don't ask me, I don't want to be late okay! Half of my salary would be deducted--- so better not watch anything (watching, which helps me think of good things, be inspired) and be early, have the whole of my salary (but give them just shit things, uninspired things, kasi they won't allow me to take a flexi time naman when I suggested it). It's still not my fault, if I give them just just product of my mind. Grey matter fuels my mind (just like Mr. V. Velez thought us).

Friday, November 21, 2008

Guess What?


Lol, an accidental event for me and Camille. Too bad I left my camera today.

JAL gave us the pass to Guess by Marciano: Denim is our World Fashion Event, at Club Ascend tonight, good thing that our office is just few blocks away.

The event was organized by Saga, Robbie/ Robby Carmona's event company. It was also an open bar, so drinks are pouring endlessly.

We met someone, Monica (potential client) from MTV (Pilipinas?!) because we are laughing too hard--- model craze lol, as she was also eyeing not for the denims but the models.

Dolly Ann Carvajal was also there, and even asked us if we knew the model, because we were beside them, lol, don't ask me what we're doing beside them.

One lesson I have learned from this experience: Never to dress down in the office.

Brent Javier is also present.

I was asked to report about new form/ medium--- and suprisingly in the most unexpected place I will see pa my new medium research! lol

Free Wall Graffitti

While looking for new media/ forms, I found this:

Hmm... quite interesting, right? Calling Weewilldoodle!

First Nuffnang Premiere

The event was extremely exciting. As the first blogger registered the people started coming unstoppab-ly.

It was more of the event, the experience of bloggers getting together to do something, because to be honest I find the movie boring, and acceptably a flap (not to Georgy and Brad fans). lol

No offense to Viva and Coen brothers, but okay to be fair, there are really funny scenes, witty twist of events, but that's it.

Kill Me

I'm bored, nearly in the state of dying. I want to do something else, be somewhere else, but that can't happen because I can't work somewhere else--- can't bring the desktop pc anywhere, right? And I can't spend my money naman drinking coffee just to have, or connect to their wifi, my salary can't even afford to buy me a whole wardrobe, tapos I'll spend pa to coffee stuff, which I am not a fan of naman din.

There's something missing, I can't feel any excitement anymore, I need to charge myself with new inspirations, see new things aside from the four corner glass of the office.

Boredom kills. Rescue me.

Is it really impossible for me to be a millionaire by thirty, just from my own salary, lol, maybe this is the pressure that I'm pressing on myself to achieve my goal, (being depressed)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nuffnang Lunch at Fu

We had our lunch yesterday with the bosses EBR, GS, and WHB (which was only there for a moment because he do have a lunch meeting with someone) plus Ms. Jing, Ms. Faith, and Danes (well, our chief editor)

We ate at Fu, Serendra, a Chinese resto, more of a modern one, with cleaner and less noise atmosphere. But the food, the hell, it was not so nice over all, ---- the stir fry was good, fired rice was good, tasty thanks to umami, and the snowballs, if it wasn't for my tooth na masakit, I'll eat everything---- my favorite shrimp was present but it's not so fresh, so I settled just eating two pieces.

The reason for the lunch--- Nuffnang's first account--- HK Disneyland, in which I don't have a banner in my blog, because I was lacking of views, instead I pasted in an entry the link and banner.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nuffnang Aussie

Welcome Nuffnang Aussie!

Taiwan Money

Can you believe it!? Taiwan government funded the people's shopping spree.

Story of the Storyboard

Lecture on how to write a story board:


A panel or series of panels of rough sketches outlining the scene sequence and major changes of action or plot in a production to be shot on film or video.

Tells you frame by frame of what will happen to the slides or movie

This is a sample excerpt of a story board, containing action or effects to take place in the movie or slide.

(Photo below) This is not a storyboard, maybe a brief, but still lacking of some infos that a brief should have, like mandatory (telling you what are staples in the movie or slide, like logos, taglines, color preference, logo placement (logos are supposed to be at the lower right but if reference dictates a different placement, it should be followed).

Blurred done in purpose

Correct and complete brief would result to a faster and efficient way of doing such ads, movies or slides, that's how agencies work, in sync.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hight Street on a Sunday with Rihanna and Chris Brown

At Clawdaddy's with my auntie, cousin and sister.

A nice soup, creme of something (I forgot already) very tasty, but some portions didn't dissolve well enough to have a smooth consistency.

Linguine, just like the way I like it, creamy and full of sea food and herbs.

Penne (spelling please?) didn't try it.

Tray of seafoods, sea of sea foods. Yum yum!

Shell cracker! pre- historic technique! lol.

Condo hopping! Php 9M one bedroom.

Saturday Mass and Dinner

After the overnight at High street I went straight home to take a short nap for my Mama Aty's 40 days. They left early so they can catch up and kwentuhan with relatives and friends, I just followed, and lucky me I was just right on time.

After the mass, we all went to Silver Crown, a Chinese resto, with yummy yummy food--- lalo na the spicy shrimp.
They were all staring at me, when I stopped eating my food (I haven't eaten lunch yet) bcaues I was waiting for the spicy shrimp (e tapos wala palang order).

Mommy and shobe playing models. On mom: Silk dress with batman sleeves, and Black leggings.
on Sis: Black and White polo dress (ala Chin Chin Gutierrez)