Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nuffnang Lunch at Fu

We had our lunch yesterday with the bosses EBR, GS, and WHB (which was only there for a moment because he do have a lunch meeting with someone) plus Ms. Jing, Ms. Faith, and Danes (well, our chief editor)

We ate at Fu, Serendra, a Chinese resto, more of a modern one, with cleaner and less noise atmosphere. But the food, the hell, it was not so nice over all, ---- the stir fry was good, fired rice was good, tasty thanks to umami, and the snowballs, if it wasn't for my tooth na masakit, I'll eat everything---- my favorite shrimp was present but it's not so fresh, so I settled just eating two pieces.

The reason for the lunch--- Nuffnang's first account--- HK Disneyland, in which I don't have a banner in my blog, because I was lacking of views, instead I pasted in an entry the link and banner.