Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Isah is my bet for Tsibogbugan 2009!

Isa Panga is my bet for Tsibogbugan 2009! Why? First, she came from a family of real big time eaters and that concludes that she's born a natural lamonera, because it runs in the blood. Second, do you know any girl who can eat two hotdog sandwich in one bite? I think that's a talent. She's a certified two timer! And lastly, I think she's still hiding something, a secret weapon, that she'll reveal in the Tsibogbugan Championship--- a worm, a pet, that empties her stomach to stack more food.

Catch the Big Bite Tsibogbugan 2009 on July 11, 2009 at the Big Dome.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Little Shopping

Had to pay Meralco bills, so I asked my sister to join me--- then did a little trip down every shop in SM The Block and TriNoMa.

Some of my purchases are here:
Xio Di, a book by Yu Hua, I am fond of reading Chinese stories written by Chinese authors. I didn't know that I already knew Yu Hua before seeing this:

Gong Li in To Live written by Yu Hua and directed by Zhang Yi Mou.

Chinese written books are well described (full of very scenic adjectives)--- more so if they were written originally in chinese--- they spell a different story, a little childish for others, but it really takes you wherever the plot is.
Here's some of my favorite Chinese books:

Here's another of my shopping stuff:

These are Hush Puppies Loafers/Driving shoes, Bench printed shirt, and Bench Mobo boxers. I was only meaning to buy a new pair of shoes and a bag, but well Bench is the bestest, affordable-st thing can buy when you a a shopping panic attack--- i really wanted that Zara-TRF jacket but it's for P2,750.00 and it's hot here--- meaning can't where it at all.

We have to squeeze in the little spaces left to walk--- okay maybe crawl--- because TriNoMa was so--- full of people! Nope, not what you're thinking--- no sale at all--- the rally was because of 'Second Hand Serenade', because of this man:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big Nuffie Room

Nuffies' table: Now bigger, more space to eat.

Okay, finally here is the true Nuffnang Philippines' situation. Nuffies left the old office, and transferred to:Tada! a biggy room for the Nuffies! Big room means more space--- to put pictures, nuffie post, and more space to dance! (figuratively for the dancing part).

Here's the excited Roro, at her corner of the Nuffie table.
Here's me, after the bankrupt post, fixing the paper stuffed in a pile.
Here's Ms. Jing, shockingly posed on the Nuffies theater's gilid (hahaha: theater's guild to theater's gilid [gilid is corner in english]). Here's Lorns, holding the 'do not disturb' sign.
And here's the old Nuffnang office now, a conference room with no table.Moving into a bigger room means comfort and more effort/ responsiblity to fill out spaces, to make every space efficient, to maximize everything, so it will not go into waste.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Big Revelation

Two more hours before the big revelation.

Big Steps

Change is constant, we will surely miss this room, even though it's grilling hot inside. It's our first home, where big ideas were created, big laughs echoed, big fights fought, but change will surely bring big- bigger better things.

Note: Sorry, everyone (specially to Tim, peace please), for that first, very malicious, exaggerated post about our big secret. I was just excited. 'I am sorry' (quoting Pres. GMA).

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Updated: Goodbye OLD Nuffnang Office?

Is it real?
Best is yet to come...
Updated: Okay, seriously, sorry for the malicious entry. I just wanted a sensationalized entry for our big move-out-of-the-office moment.
But here's the real thing, we left our old room and transferred into a bigger room, well, bigger and colder, and fancier, will be fancier in the next days. Nuffnang is growing by the minute and not going bankrupt, actually adding few more Nuffies in the future.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bates141 DigiCon

A girl approached me and asks about my nifty pants from Topshop which I got for a really low price. Lucky me it's really 'in' this season, but it's really from last last year stock of TS.

Digital Tech 101

Poked webcam token from bates141!

Roanna did (poked) this to Eric's token for talking about blog: nuffnang in the event.

My Eric-blog-post came as a very good example on how to deal with bad post. Augh... Am a really sensitive-emotional-praise-sucker kid: 'Turn out to be he found me really talented'. Yah. Stab me! Conceited child.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Roanna Drooling over Patrick

Roanna while in the office, drooling over Patrick Moberg's work.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Name Card

By the way, got my first 'real' name card/business card, two weeks ago (not sure). Pretty excited to give it out during the conference this coming November, in Baguio. But pretty much dreading those days that I will be sleeping with two dumbs (Oops.. That's so mean to say, but let's see how'll I survive).

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama All Over News

This was WSJ on February 04,2009.

You can see him just about anywhere, any newspaper, website you can think of even on e!news.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ads & Consumers

And now here is the most honest TVC I ever seen!

Advertiser and Consumer

Something New, Something Old

Mcdo with Maricel Soriano

Look at that, McDo in 1995 with Maricel Soriano, Mark Fernandez, and hey! Anna Larosea. Funny, nostalgic.

New Mcdo El Bimbo Ad

And here, a rather new TVC with a little trip down memory lane, El Bimbo style.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sick Again

It's Tuesday, second day of my working week, and I'm absent. I am sick again!

I had a stomach ache yesterday (whatever it is called--- stomach ache/dispepsia?). It was after I ate Jollibee breakfast, which I normally do whenever I got hungry/feel hungry in the morning before going to office (I was too early, so I decided to buy some food); okay maybe not. It was after not eating on time, or not eating at all, because you have to walk a freaking thousand miles just to get to those really cheap decent food.

I don't want to ask a messenger just to get me my freaking food, well, first it's not their problem if I don't eat, if I don't like to eat what's delivered. (ehem)

Hmm... and one more thing, I don't want to waste my salary (if I still have, after all those deductions from my late) buying those names that those really nice foods have.

God, I miss those Korean-Tagalized novelas showing on local channels, I miss staying at home. I miss curling up on my bed.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Missing and Eating not so Perfect Food

We went to SM Marilao for my sister's birthday, shop a little, did grocery and then dine at the not so perfect lunch at David's Tea House.

Raddish cake (sorry for the photo: taken with my phone only) good but not so good, just fine--- cakes in Binondo are way better.

My dad going wacky with the shabu- shabu stove.
Haven't taken any picture of the dishes, because it was hell so awful to eat as well as--- to take pictures pa. Their Nido soup was preheated too long that made the nido not so nido and all so water-y. The Camaron Rebusado was, umm, not what the camaron looked like in the menu, nor not the camaron in my expectation of a camaron, it's supposed to be crispy and with thin breading (if that's what it is called), but nooo! it has this thick BREAD-like breading. And for the dimsum platter, not the platter we were waiting for, ---10 pieces of the different dimsum, with the not so fresh meats, blah.

Well, their jasmine tea still hasn't change, so I will give one point for that.
The not so satisfied customers waiting for the bill.
(at waiter) What are you smiling at huh!

---your service sucks! Kulang-kulang, you won't pass in a real-real Chinese resto!

--- Missing Mama Aty, because she was fond of eating Chinese food here at David's and we celebrated one of her birthdays at Tagatay Highlands (at MOA) where she enjoyed the sea foods.

Ahma with Ahco still mataba and healthy

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Viagra Touches Us

Here's another ad that touches your heart. I wish I was the one who thought of it. It's very unique to use a mushy tone for a sex tool--- unlike Frenzy---.

Viagra Ad. Like the first time.

Find more videos like this on AdGabber

Coke to Life

Makes you appreciate life even more.

Find more videos like this on AdGabber

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

120 Seconds of Audrey's Manila Career

Tim and Audrey visited Philippines last Saturday to Monday (visit their personal blogs to read the full detail of their adventure). Monday, after the presentation, we ate at Kabisera then after, they went shopping. Audrey wanted to go to Greenhills but Tim wont let her or maybe Eric?.

Dinner, we ate at Mamou at Serendra, Audrey ordered a full plate of pasta, I don't know which one--- while the boys talk about boy stuff, making her jealous, or maybe just annoying her.

我要想念 Tim 和 Audrey!

Next time bring Ming too!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Spring Cleaning: Bargain Hunting

Here's what I have purchased today. Ehem! Congratulate me. lol

See how very discounted the price is from Php2,545 to Php599 almost 70% off! I know it's from the last last season but hey--- last last season for women, not for men, it's a bitin pants to me.
When shopping, shop after christmas, and summers; Hongkong has the best shopping summer festival ever. Clothes from the winter season are on sale, some of those you can style up and well, layer down a bit beacause it's not Washington here in Pinas.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

My New Phone

Gwa buei sin eh chiu ki, E71, it is a business phone like the one I have before E51, but with bigger screen and faster wifi, and a permanently (not a trial version) of Microsoft Office. Qwerty keypad makes typing faster just like my P990i where I do my blogging sometimes. Now blogging on the go is more savvy with E71. lol.