Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big Nuffie Room

Nuffies' table: Now bigger, more space to eat.

Okay, finally here is the true Nuffnang Philippines' situation. Nuffies left the old office, and transferred to:Tada! a biggy room for the Nuffies! Big room means more space--- to put pictures, nuffie post, and more space to dance! (figuratively for the dancing part).

Here's the excited Roro, at her corner of the Nuffie table.
Here's me, after the bankrupt post, fixing the paper stuffed in a pile.
Here's Ms. Jing, shockingly posed on the Nuffies theater's gilid (hahaha: theater's guild to theater's gilid [gilid is corner in english]). Here's Lorns, holding the 'do not disturb' sign.
And here's the old Nuffnang office now, a conference room with no table.Moving into a bigger room means comfort and more effort/ responsiblity to fill out spaces, to make every space efficient, to maximize everything, so it will not go into waste.