Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sick Again

It's Tuesday, second day of my working week, and I'm absent. I am sick again!

I had a stomach ache yesterday (whatever it is called--- stomach ache/dispepsia?). It was after I ate Jollibee breakfast, which I normally do whenever I got hungry/feel hungry in the morning before going to office (I was too early, so I decided to buy some food); okay maybe not. It was after not eating on time, or not eating at all, because you have to walk a freaking thousand miles just to get to those really cheap decent food.

I don't want to ask a messenger just to get me my freaking food, well, first it's not their problem if I don't eat, if I don't like to eat what's delivered. (ehem)

Hmm... and one more thing, I don't want to waste my salary (if I still have, after all those deductions from my late) buying those names that those really nice foods have.

God, I miss those Korean-Tagalized novelas showing on local channels, I miss staying at home. I miss curling up on my bed.