Monday, January 31, 2011

Love and Other Drugs

Lovely Flat.And Sex.And a Little Love.But Lots of Sex.
And Parkinson's.

A good movie to promote awareness of the Parkinson's --- Pope John Paul had been a patient.
Actually the last part is so good.
"I'm gonna need you more that you need me"
"You have places to go"-- "You'll go there, I may just have to carry you."
"... I want us, you, this."
"Sometimes the most thing you most want doesn't happen."
"... you meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you and then you meet one person and your life change."

Sweet Treats For Everyone

And when I say EVERYONE, everyone, including the diabetics, yeah!
But there's a big BUT, but you have to make it (the treat) with Glow Coconut Sugar, to make it healthy, bacause  coconut sugar has lots of vitamins and benefits plus it's Low Glycemic Index. Well, you can also make it with the natural sugar of fruits. There's another option I did mention on charliechapsuey.

*Photo on the poster is not mine.

Life as We Know It Movie

It's Katherine Heigl, and her movies (27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth, to name a few) seemed like all the same because of how she throws her lines, it's always the same attack. It's funny and witty--- Gilmore Girls-type witty, but am afraid that maybe after watching ten of her romantic comedy film, I would not bother to watch another.
And as for Josh, he's just there just to be a hot male role who can take off clothes with a good body structure.

An okay movie, I cried a bit, on the news the child's parent died and she's on a poster home--- but it was expected--- as it was on the title--- LIFE as WE KNOW IT.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Budgeted Dinner Date for Valentine's

Yes, Valentine's Day, another regular day for me, but for you guys out there with a someone special, check charliechapsuey for some updates on deals around metro.

Pre- Rabbit Year Feng Shui Craze

Photo Credit: Limkokwing University
This coming February 3, we will be celebrating the coming of the year of the Golden/White/Metal Rabbit, with all the good expectations and also worry for our careers and businesses and life.

Here are some of Marites Allen's Animal Sign readings for 2011 (me and my family's):

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Is it supposed to be 'on this blog'?

Sorry, for that.

Season of the Witch

I know it's not Holy Week or Halloween yet, but still this movie ---supposed to be released early this year--- here. And most of the movies released this early are said to flap. One review said that Season of the Witch is that bad, but I did still want to see it, so I did.
The movie was not the best, but certainly depicts the 'demon' very well, minus that part where it has wings. I don't know if it's really what a 'demon' look like (I don't want to know), but I guess we all have demons and it's not supposed to be something tangible but rather--- what's just evil. What best way to portray it than be give the role to a girl. LOL.

Nice plot, and yes I would agree to what the Huffington's review about the lines to be rather heavy, and I also did think that the line between Cage and Perlman, was not appropriate to the era they were in--- 14th century, something like being 'Yoda' like, speaking a little bit of the noble type or if they're barbaric, but still.

Still a good movie to watch, if you're into paranormal.

Dan and Blair, cute sila

I guess the unthinkable can happen in Gossip Girl--- They fucked all of themselves already. LOL Almost a full circle. I was rummaging over for Dan and Blair's photo, I guess I wasn't just the one keeping list of who fucked who.
Photo from Katherine was Thinking, who made the list---
Nate and Blair
Nate and Serena
Nate and Jenny
Nate and Vanessa
Chuck and Blair
Chuck and Serena
Chuck and Jenny
Chuck and Vanessa
Dan and Serena
Dan and Jenny
Dan and Vanessa
Dan and Blair

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sorry wala kasi akong magawa

I have tons of picture taken, but I won't post it--- because it's vain.
Pardon me, because I have nothing to do.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I miss Gold Fish Cake! I wish there's a Korean Deli near home.

"We Shall Prevail" King George VI

The King's Speech is absolutely fascinating. It made the monarchs look like normal people--- it made the monarch closer to the mass, just what I think the monarchy is doing right now (issuing transparency with Royal Household expenses, more public sitings, Youtube Channel, yes Youtube).
Colin Firth can now be listed with the likes of Cate Blanchett and Helen Mirren, who have both mastered being a Monarch. Well, not that he is not great with his other movies, he has shown exemplary talent during his role as a homo-single man in Single Man, but this one is rather different because you have to imitate--- everything, mannerism of the real person you are playing.
Well, Helena Bonham Carter--- who played the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth--- is just being herself. She's just great. I can't even forget the first film I saw her--- Merlin, as she plays Morgan Le Fey.

Update: (Something I said to Germaine that should be included in the review, just realized)
'I was watching the Youtube Royal channel, and some docus about the Queen sa BBC A Year with the Queen~~ then napanuod ko sa Golden Globe and nacriticize sya for being boring so pinanuod ko lol. I didn't realy understand the speech medyo stammering parin kasi and yung chop ng words di tama, pero it did inspire people, so I guess that's how powerful and important the speech of the king to the people.' -Charlie Chan, Facebook

Andrew Garfield?! as Spiderman

Huli na ko sa balita, but I think this is cool, pinanindigan nya ang nerdy type.
Pero, this is him in the suit--- skinny:

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Vampire-Werewolf flick

WTH. Another of those sex-sucking series. What is happening to our world. LOL

Sean O'Pry and Simon Nessman at LV F/W 2011

Seen Sean O'Pry at Bottega Venetta, and now at Louis Vuitton, making some big bucks there, Sean! More on the Louis Vuitton Men F/W Collection at OHLALA Mag: PARIS / ON THE RUNWAY / LOUIS VUITTON MENSWEAR F/W 2011/12

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Can't get enough of Pembroke Welsh Corgi, I want one, but I will be broke if I buy one, broke as in su-pembroke! LOL. Around PhP40,000.00 or $800 up depending on the pedigree.

Really silly video about the Corgis. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Green Hornet

Shit! It was hilariously ass-kicking-fun! Seeing Jay Zhou do his regular Kung Fu smart fighting style with a little bit of comedy is so Jackie-Chan-funny, I think even better or at least at par. So cool with the English- Chinese accent. It should be Kato is The Green Hornet instead. He does all the cool stuff, while, what was the other character's name again? Yeah, right Britt, just have the money, and does the crazy-lame role.

I am not familiar with the Green Hornet's story, but I am aware of it. So my judgement are clouded by my being fun of Jay Zhou. LOL.

Really cool cars, those Black Beauties. With a movie with less CGs, this is really pretty nice, I can feel that vintage-y scene, just like that of the old Batman series--- Kapow, etc. in big splashes, but it is manifested as red flashes thru Kato eyes this time.
Seth Rogen as Britt Reid and Jay Zhou as Kato
Kato was once a Filipino, because he was just referred to as Oriental. Read more about it on Wikipedia.
Kato role was first to be played by Stephen Chow, but then he dropped out and was replaced by another Zhou, Jay Zhou.

Mulberry Blackberry Blueberry

Mulberry Edie Bag
Photo Credit:
Mulberry Edie, it's so pretty and roomy and slouchy. The first time I saw Mulberry I thought it's a Hermes knock off of some other country or just a knocking knock off bag maker, reasons:
Mulberry Bayswater
Photo Credit:
Resembles of the Hermes Birkin, without the lock strap, right?
See some of the Fall/Winter 2009 Mulberry Collection at bagaholicboy.
Hermes' Birkin Bag

And then came Mulberry's Alexa, that somewhat looks like the PS1 Proenza Shouler:
Mulberry's Alexa
PS1 Proenza Shouler

See what I mean, but I think Mulberry still has it's unique quality, because it can me hip for young people men and women, plus still be classy. To look more closely at the new Mulberry Edie collection visit MyManyBags.

Deadly Shoes No-no at the Airport

Photo Credit:

It's funny how these security personnels inspect the gorgeous slip ons by Christian Louboutin of a passenger before checking in. They even attempted to confiscate it, citing that it is a weapon, so I wonder, are stilettos considered weapons? More of this at TSA Doesn’t Like Christian Louboutin’s |

VJ Utt

Photo Credit: MyManyBags
Remember VJ Utt: Guy in the most right of the photo.
He looks a little old already, making me feel old too. MTV days.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Four Months Old Coffee, the Dog

He's bigger than what he looks on the photo.

Kingfisher in the City

Extinct birds are a common siting at home/ in the village, like this afternoon, my mom saw this kingfisher of the collared type belonging to the tree kingfishers. Mostly they are called Mangrove Kingfisher or White-Collared Kingfishers. Maybe this one got lost from Australia ~ know why, here at Wikipedia.
Pardon for the blurry picture, it was on a branch of a
knocked off tree on our backyard, plus it was a misty day.
Among the common birds you can see here are Hornbills, yeah, you thought they're only seen in zoos and Palawan, well we have it here. We're like 'the rain forest village'. Hornbills are scary, but they look majestic.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Priest: Movie

Can't wait for Priest movie starring Legion's St. Michael, Paul Bettany. He's really getting really popular with this movie genre. Assassin-type-good-guy-bad-guy roles.
It says 2010, but actually, it won't be shown til May of 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Belkin WIFI

Hello Belkin WIFI Router! Bought it yesterday. Finally.

Stupid Movie

In Your Eyes

LOL, WTH I was out of movie to watch so I end up watching it, plus I am curious of the Anne Curtis scene, where she was shouting 'Ang bababoy nyo' to the fat Claudin Barretto and Richard Gutierrez.

It was so wrong, no values at all! All about f*cking. Ditching your sister that sacrificed a lot for you for a guy. Tsk tsk. Anyway, the end was a lot bad. Anne's acting is quiet good though, her teleseryes made her the 'best slut in the world'. LOL

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Facebook Shutdown Hoax

I bet you might already know about this, but it was just recently that I bumped into this news that Facebook will shutdown on March 15.

And so out of curiosity, I Googled and found this:Facebook has squashed this silly and ridiculous rumor with a status message: We didn't get the memo about shutting down, so we'll keep working away like always. We aren't going anywhere; we're just getting started. Facebook Director of Corporate Communications Larry Yu confirmed that the rumor is false. In response to Mashable's mail about theshutdown, Yu responded, "The answer is no, so please help us put an end to this silliness." 
I read this from and I got to also read some information from the Facebook blog, here's the link:

So all FB fans you can breath now. Hahaha

Meteor Garden Philippine Version

WT! Lahat na meron, gawa na rin kaya sila ng US version.
Saw the news at some Youtube Channels, so googled it up and here's one blog that features it:
Sarah Geronimo?! No comment. Who the hell are the Brat boys?

Who it might be?

My Android Fortune Cookie told me that I was getting some money or a piece of land. I know I will be getting some money, but can I have the piece of land also?!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Looky looky

 Wah! It say everything. I like it. Hmm.

Well my blog looks like a blog--

Does it? Doing this and that on this blog for 2 days already, I am hoping I can write more often after doing this, because honestly the reason why I am not blogging is because--- well I am kind of busy with all the events, whatever shit in my life--- (kind of should be the reason to have more post because I have lots of events) and because the blog became boring. Does it ring a bell--- Mabilis ako magsawa. Plus I even those cool blogs I am reading that's why I became less and less of an enthusiastic writer, and became more of a blog reader/fan.

I plan of blog about our dog, Coffee--- meet the dog--- because I think his life is more hmm, interesting than mine.
He's bigger now, big for a 4 month old dog, and big dogs are not supposed to be allowed inside the house but we're different. He is big, yes, but he acts a like small dog, I think he got it from our other puppy's (RIP Choco, different story, sad.) kulitness.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Anticipation Kills

Just to give you an idea.
Bring home cooked flavors.

If you want home cooked, if you want a familiar taste, if you want it comforting less the hassle of cooking for your special gatherings--- bring home cooked flavors at your doorstep, call KooK Kitchen.
KooK Kitchen serves all kinds of cuisine but specializes on Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino). Have your comfort food at the comforts of you home.

Sneak peek, one of the best sellers.

Friday, January 07, 2011

The Loving Husband

It really amazes me how SC can go along with Rita's suggestion, I guess he is that fashion forward, and doesn't mind looking weird?! (or maybe not, it's just weird if you do it here in PH). I guess they're still young to play with their clothes, it's nice to see that. I hope I can see people like this in PH. I really love how the Hongkees dress, they are all chica.

Here's the link of Rita's blog featuring her hubby: Living La Vida Rita: Suspender, Tights & Shorts for Boys - Geeky Preppy Look

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

High Fashion Arch Pose

Photo Credit: OHLALA
Was he really trying to do that?
It is kind of funny and reminds me of that fugly ***!!! LOL

Why do underwear models look good in undies?

Perhaps, the undies are really made for them? Or they base the size on them?!

Funny, Guy Strip for Pope

WTH Corn Flavored Condom

Photo Credit: Kenneth Hon