Sunday, January 09, 2011

Well my blog looks like a blog--

Does it? Doing this and that on this blog for 2 days already, I am hoping I can write more often after doing this, because honestly the reason why I am not blogging is because--- well I am kind of busy with all the events, whatever shit in my life--- (kind of should be the reason to have more post because I have lots of events) and because the blog became boring. Does it ring a bell--- Mabilis ako magsawa. Plus I even those cool blogs I am reading that's why I became less and less of an enthusiastic writer, and became more of a blog reader/fan.

I plan of blog about our dog, Coffee--- meet the dog--- because I think his life is more hmm, interesting than mine.
He's bigger now, big for a 4 month old dog, and big dogs are not supposed to be allowed inside the house but we're different. He is big, yes, but he acts a like small dog, I think he got it from our other puppy's (RIP Choco, different story, sad.) kulitness.