Friday, January 21, 2011

Mulberry Blackberry Blueberry

Mulberry Edie Bag
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Mulberry Edie, it's so pretty and roomy and slouchy. The first time I saw Mulberry I thought it's a Hermes knock off of some other country or just a knocking knock off bag maker, reasons:
Mulberry Bayswater
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Resembles of the Hermes Birkin, without the lock strap, right?
See some of the Fall/Winter 2009 Mulberry Collection at bagaholicboy.
Hermes' Birkin Bag

And then came Mulberry's Alexa, that somewhat looks like the PS1 Proenza Shouler:
Mulberry's Alexa
PS1 Proenza Shouler

See what I mean, but I think Mulberry still has it's unique quality, because it can me hip for young people men and women, plus still be classy. To look more closely at the new Mulberry Edie collection visit MyManyBags.