Friday, April 30, 2010

What's inside the box?

Do you remember the BOX?
Here's what's inside--- pure 100% healthy sweets. Yum.
Okay, ten kilos (10kg) of cocosugar and ten bottles of 400ml (10 x 400ml) of cocosyrup.
Glow Coconut Sugar, will literally makes you glow, because it is high in amino acids which helps cell renewal, and one member of these acids is, Glutathione (only small amount is present in CS), which makes skin smoother and lighter*. We have a new product in our line, the Glow Coconut Syrup, better than honey because it's also (like the coco sugar) low in G.I. which in turn makes it diabetic friendly, has the same vitamins and minerals with the coco sugar too. Also good as sweetener for coffee, syrup for pancakes, and other honey filled food--- you can replace it with coconut syrup. I think it can also serve as a supplement, if you have noticed VCO (virgin coconut oil) is used as beauty supplement, and one Chinese medicine from Indonesia is made from coconut, and coconut being called tree of life--- is understandably healthy and good for everybody, well as long as you keep it organic, all natural.

*Low glycemic index diet helps improve your skin? Answer here.

If you want the benefits of being health, and beautiful--- who has a sweet tooth, this is for you.
It's also have a good amount of Calcium and Vitamin C, that makes it good not only for diabetics but also for hmm... everybody!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


This doesn't contain drugs, this is the healthiest contraband ever shipped
(in this case flew up in the air)

We will reveal in a few days.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I am my mother's son

There's always a hoarder in everyone of us--- twice of a trip in Saizen in a week never bore me.
Photo Credit: pinoynets
Look at those pretty colors. Strategies. F*cker.
I end up buying several (okay two things left the hoarding to my shobe)
Leather covered notebook, and a graph note for my doodles.
She did buy quite alot of plates--- pretty ceramic things. (Photos to follow)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Super Dad

Photo Credit: FailBlog
Thank God, dad came to my rescue at Annapolis, or else I have to kiss my social life goodbye, and dug my face into the ground. Huhom.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mind Jam

Photo credit:
My brain looks like this, I think?! So many things going on, I think I need to get it done by some time, which is like now?! But everything is whoa, ideas keeps on coming, I can stop and sort it. I went to Saizen earlier, to find myself a notebook, organizer?! but realized I have already two organizers, and a scheduler, LOL. What to I need to unload information in my head? I wish, brains were usb-like things. Hmm.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Sci-Fi Thriller: Splice

Really freaky, but super nice, hmm makes me really curious of what they do in labs?

Will Turner role will turn a new leaf

With the Pirates of the Carribean's fourth installment, Will Turner will never be Bloom, but there are rumors that one of these two will replace him, not bad I think, or maybe even better?! (wag magagalit ang Bloom fans, LOL).
Max Irons or Sam Claflin?
Max Irons, kind of too clean for the role I think.
That's not all, Kiera Knightley is also leaving the pirate club, she will be replaced by (I mean rumored to be replaced) Penelope Cruz.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Shanghai Tang

It gave me a flash back of my days in the cold rooms of F401?!4 if I remember it right, AdPrac with Mr. Velez was never a dull moment. There's always the excitement--- of listening and going for a weewee break.
Photo credit:
He introduced us to the luxe world of China, can you believe it (that China has a luxe brand)
Shanghai Tang, exudes a special elegance--- flirty but elegant 'Shanghainese charm'. The fabrics are as fluid as a dancing smoke.
Demurely teasing, it plays classic to modern.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sick Penis Pasta

Photo credit: materialisticboy
Who wants to eat penis? My goodness.

Sex Sells

But Diesel sells pants.

Diesel's Stupid campaign got me clicking chuvaness' damn ad, and it got me here:
LOL. Really cute naughty prints on your undies, but why would you want this?
(eh nobody sees inside your pants naman!?) Unless you often take your pants off.

Coco Adobo

Adobo (Pork Stew) Filipino all-time favorite.
I am not really a fan of Adobo, or any dish with cubed pork/ beef meat (I prefer thin sliced meat) but I occasionally do eat, if I have no choice (either to cook another dish or settle). Of course, I have requests on how they should cook my Adobo, I like my aunt's Adobo. There's nothing really special about her Adobo, she even puts really cheap ingredients in, but she pressure cooks it and let it cook in its marinade, until dry, and then add up the same mix of sauce again. Today the Adobo was prepared with coco sugar instead of the regular sugar, or muscovado. We are testing if the taste will be altered when coco sugar is used instead of the regular sugar.
And the verdict, hmm, nothing has changed not even a slight taste of coconut, maybe even made it tastier?! I don't know, reaction of the vinegar to the coco sugar? or maybe because of the way it was cooked. Okay I'll let you try this one and taste it yourself, be the judge but I say to you, it has still the same aroma of the garlic, uhmm, you can even taste it just by smelling. Hits your every senses.

Visit charliechapsuey for the recipe.

I enjoyed the serving, maybe because of the plating--- we should eat like this all the time ei, plated dishes makes it more appetizing.

Join our group Healthy Me and know the latest news about being and staying healthy.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Water your drying body--

With Watermelons.

Watermelons are 6% sugar and 94% water, and is rich with nutrients--- such as lycopene, and it can also work as Viagra (LOL so much for watering you drying body) with its stored citrullin that stimulates nitric oxide, and so on.
These are Yellow Crimson Watermelon.
They are the sweeter variants of the watermelon with yellow flesh, and fleshier for that matter (I think) because the red variant feels more watery, this one is somewhat a little bit solid.

After finishing the 3/4 part of the fruit I feel so refreshed, it was so damn hot today. I can eat this the whole day, and squeeze some to myself (okay, not a nice scene though).

Monday, April 05, 2010

Diabetic Sweet Tooth!

Okay, ironic right?!, but it is true, there are diabetics that are sweet tooth.

Seen that on my aunt and my dad--- they would be 'Pasaway' as we call just to have a bit of that sweet chocolate or cake, and ice cream, plus that pop corn that my aunt loves--Chef Tony's Popcorns?!

There will be occasions that I would be generous to buy Krispy Kreme (not generous, just kind to take home, because they still pay for the credit card, LOL) and mix it with the variant with dark chocolate on top, because it's not too sweet, and dark chocolate is good for your heart too.

Before, it was really hard to find low sugar delicacies, we have to stroll by the imported section just to find one, and well, you know people--- when aging, becomes more madaling magasawa---- but all those low on sugar, no sugar added biscuits are all Splenda sweetened, artificial. There are rumors that these kinds of artificial sweeteners when taken in big amounts would cause the user to have cancer. LOL, now after that rumor, either true or not, my dad stopped using Splenda as sweetener---

It just struck me that Eng Bee Tin's Lite Hopia is sweetened by Splenda, hmm. I usually buy that for dad.

It would be too much of a hard sell when I tell you that coco sugar is the (hmm. okay let's just link here one of our competitor's take on our product), they said that--
 'And then we learned that the FAO has named coconut palm sugar "the most sustainable sweetener in the world"!'
We also say that we wish there'd be more products for diabetics, or low sugar, good sugar.

Here's a sample packaging of the Sweet Nothings Cocosugar product:
Okay it's not from China, LOL, it's from Davao.
Okay, here let me share to you a really quickie recipe that uses our healthiest sugar in town:

3 cups all-purpose flour
2 cups powdered milk
3/4 cup coco sugar
1 cup + 1 tablespoon fresh butter, melted

Toast flour in skillet. Sift and cool. Mix with milk, coco sugar and butter until well-blended.
Mold and wrap individually.

This recipe is from chef Anton Consing of Chef on Fire. Hope you like the taste of the Polvoron with coco sugar, LOL, you'll have an extra taste of butterscotch or coffee because of the cocosugar--- with no added cost. LOL. That would be for most taste buds.

If you want to try the cocosugar and reap from its benefits (really very good, my mom even got addicted to this stuff already, that she literally eats the cocosugar straight out from our sugar dispenser) you can place your orders at or call me at +63 922 830 68 30. We have available 1kg, 500g, and 250g.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter Day

A symbol of new life.

How are you Haw Flakes?

Do you remember this? Haw Flakes.
It is my favorite candy back when I was still a child, playing at the streets of Oroquieta, Tayuman (okay, not actually at the streets, but on occasions that I am allowed to go down from 3rd floor). We used to call it 'Oscha' or the bread of life, or 'Katawan ni Cristo' because it looks like the Host from the Communion rites. I miss it. I didn't know that it was sort of a good candy, coming from Hawthorn--- the superstar heart vitamins.

The Last Templar

The movie, hmm, for TV, was good watch for a Good Friday day, because it talks about faith and the Templars, Jesus' gospel. Though I have some doubts about the supposed to be acting of the archeologist Tess Chaykin, because you know--- I am not sure how they really do it, but in our conservation class (aka Natural Science) we were told to handle the artifacts carefully, and isn't it that artifacts, those really old old ones are very susceptible to oxygen and will add up to its deterioration, and the moist in our hands would also contribute to that?!

I thought that it was going to be National Treasure-ish, but no, I think it was low on budget. LOL

Friday, April 02, 2010

Google talks with Animals?!

I wonder what the chickens say every morning?!
Tiktilaok, would it be in Tagalog?

I love my chiclet

Can I just say that the 'chiclet' keyboard can type LOVE.

But am just wary about the spaces, you know where dust can infiltrate inside and mess with the chic-ness of my chiclet, I guess I just have to buy it a chiclet 'condom'.

Asus the Laptop

OMG! After having this for 4 days exactly--- found this:
Beware it's beautiful.
Can you see, it's like a flat screen TV with a keyboard--- Asus NX90 Bang & Olufsen ICEpower notebook.
Okay it's not Mac, but--- bakit hindi lang naman Mac ang maganda ah! It boasts a polished aluminum exterior and palm rest which matches the matte-black keyboard and dual touchpads. Apart from that, you get standard B&O audio quality speakers equipped with ICEpower technology.
I wonder how big and heavy it is. Hmm.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

iPad vs Kindle

Photo Credit: seattlepi
Tsk tsk tsk. Amazon's Kindle's sales to be dwindled by Apple's iPad.
More and more news are popping out about this versatilities of iPad---
There's this other news on that it will most likely to replace a laptop in the future if it will add more features usable to the computing public. Read about it here.

Probably good for us. Anton! Mon! Get ready to be rich.

Robert Pattinson is Georges Duroy

After stumbling upon Kellan the other day, now it's Robert Pattison. R. Pattinson actually had numbers of movies which I have yet to see. His career moves so fast that I can't keep up with all the movies he stars. Haven't seen Little Ashes as he plays the artist Salvador Dali, of course not at all able to see Remember Me too, and now, Bel Ami, which is an adaptation of a French novel by Guy de Maupassan.
Photo Credit: Uhmm forgot. Sorry.
He is rather very fit with these kinds of movies, as his beauty suggest not that of a vampire, but a more classic period man, plus take on that accent. He looks dashingly like from those eras.

Coconut Sugar in Low G.I. Diet

Okay I'm not writing this because I am selling a product that has low glycemic index, but I am telling you this because I want you to try the diet--- lifestyle.

Having a low G.I. diet, is very good for you, I mean not just for the diabetics but also for you, for everybody. The G.I. index levels has already been used for other popular diets like, South Beach, Transitions, and Nutrisystem by Nourish Diet.
Now, I'm excited to tell you about the product we are selling, Coconut Sugar, it's a breakthrough from the research of the PCA (Philippine Coconut Authority) way back, but it's just in these recent years that the coconut plantations done little marketing efforts (when I say little, it's very little) to distribute it locally as it is very expensive for the local market. It has been pretty much available in the international market a few years already, U.S. and Japan were probably the top consumers. I think the reason is that diabetic, obesity, and heart disease rates in those countries are high.

Did you know that Asians or Hispanic descents have high risk to have diabetes? Yes, Asian, it's something about our blood, and I guess it's just a proof that most of the Chinese families I know are diabetic, including ours--- but ours I think is a little bit different, we have it genetically/hereditary, but more important is--- lifestyle--- Type 2 DM. While Type 1 DM can't be avoided, but surely can be regulated through proper diet and control, Type 2 DM on the other hand can be avoided, and also through diet.

Diabetes also have connections with high blood, heart attack--- my dad was a victim of high blood + high sugar = heart attack. He didn't know that he was having a heart attack, until his tongue started dropping, paralyzed arms, and the it was diagnosed as stroke. It was a very scary scene--- but luckily everything went back to normal (not that normal normal, he would still have weak muscles) thanks to the therapy and the diet he took (the cocosugar has not yet been in his diet at this moment but I think it is rich in fiber, mostly greens and fish).
Cocosugar was introduced to me by Anton Consing, one of my friend which family is into sugar. He gave me researches about the product and made me curious about it and its benefits, more so because the sugar came from coconut tree, that as we all know is called as the 'Tree of Life' here in the Philippines, because all its parts, I mean most are very useful and have healing benefits. If you remember the introduction of the coconut virgin oil--- believed to make you look younger, the coconut juice--- believed to cure UTI or urinary problems, and others. Now, this coconut sugar, which has a low glycemic index of 35 is practically low enough to not increase or at least promote high blood glucose levels or repeated glycemic 'spikes'--- food/diet with low glycemic index produces glucose more slowly and steadily. I read some information regarding this in wikipedia,,, but most importantly --- Food and Nutrition Research Institute thru DOST.

If you want to try the cocosugar and reap from its benefits (really very good, my mom even got addicted to this stuff already, that she literally eats the cocosugar straight out from our sugar dispenser) you can place your orders at or call me at +63 922 830 68 30. We have available 1kg, 500g, and 250g.

*All scientific information included in this article are not from my personally conducted experiments. These are only gathered information, from offline and online libraries and articles.