Friday, April 30, 2010

What's inside the box?

Do you remember the BOX?
Here's what's inside--- pure 100% healthy sweets. Yum.
Okay, ten kilos (10kg) of cocosugar and ten bottles of 400ml (10 x 400ml) of cocosyrup.
Glow Coconut Sugar, will literally makes you glow, because it is high in amino acids which helps cell renewal, and one member of these acids is, Glutathione (only small amount is present in CS), which makes skin smoother and lighter*. We have a new product in our line, the Glow Coconut Syrup, better than honey because it's also (like the coco sugar) low in G.I. which in turn makes it diabetic friendly, has the same vitamins and minerals with the coco sugar too. Also good as sweetener for coffee, syrup for pancakes, and other honey filled food--- you can replace it with coconut syrup. I think it can also serve as a supplement, if you have noticed VCO (virgin coconut oil) is used as beauty supplement, and one Chinese medicine from Indonesia is made from coconut, and coconut being called tree of life--- is understandably healthy and good for everybody, well as long as you keep it organic, all natural.

*Low glycemic index diet helps improve your skin? Answer here.

If you want the benefits of being health, and beautiful--- who has a sweet tooth, this is for you.
It's also have a good amount of Calcium and Vitamin C, that makes it good not only for diabetics but also for hmm... everybody!