Monday, April 05, 2010

Diabetic Sweet Tooth!

Okay, ironic right?!, but it is true, there are diabetics that are sweet tooth.

Seen that on my aunt and my dad--- they would be 'Pasaway' as we call just to have a bit of that sweet chocolate or cake, and ice cream, plus that pop corn that my aunt loves--Chef Tony's Popcorns?!

There will be occasions that I would be generous to buy Krispy Kreme (not generous, just kind to take home, because they still pay for the credit card, LOL) and mix it with the variant with dark chocolate on top, because it's not too sweet, and dark chocolate is good for your heart too.

Before, it was really hard to find low sugar delicacies, we have to stroll by the imported section just to find one, and well, you know people--- when aging, becomes more madaling magasawa---- but all those low on sugar, no sugar added biscuits are all Splenda sweetened, artificial. There are rumors that these kinds of artificial sweeteners when taken in big amounts would cause the user to have cancer. LOL, now after that rumor, either true or not, my dad stopped using Splenda as sweetener---

It just struck me that Eng Bee Tin's Lite Hopia is sweetened by Splenda, hmm. I usually buy that for dad.

It would be too much of a hard sell when I tell you that coco sugar is the (hmm. okay let's just link here one of our competitor's take on our product), they said that--
 'And then we learned that the FAO has named coconut palm sugar "the most sustainable sweetener in the world"!'
We also say that we wish there'd be more products for diabetics, or low sugar, good sugar.

Here's a sample packaging of the Sweet Nothings Cocosugar product:
Okay it's not from China, LOL, it's from Davao.
Okay, here let me share to you a really quickie recipe that uses our healthiest sugar in town:

3 cups all-purpose flour
2 cups powdered milk
3/4 cup coco sugar
1 cup + 1 tablespoon fresh butter, melted

Toast flour in skillet. Sift and cool. Mix with milk, coco sugar and butter until well-blended.
Mold and wrap individually.

This recipe is from chef Anton Consing of Chef on Fire. Hope you like the taste of the Polvoron with coco sugar, LOL, you'll have an extra taste of butterscotch or coffee because of the cocosugar--- with no added cost. LOL. That would be for most taste buds.

If you want to try the cocosugar and reap from its benefits (really very good, my mom even got addicted to this stuff already, that she literally eats the cocosugar straight out from our sugar dispenser) you can place your orders at or call me at +63 922 830 68 30. We have available 1kg, 500g, and 250g.