Saturday, May 28, 2011

Feasting, Playing Over and Over

Addicting myself with the new Blackberry Bold 9900, touch and type.

My Trip to the City of Smiles: Aboy's

This was the end result. Wiped out, crazy hungry!
 Finished 3 orders of these.
Hindi pa tapos. I still have to go to Aboy's! Choose your ulam, wait, and indulge! Finished 3 orders of scallops there, Blue Marlin, Laing and hmm puto bumbong.

* Sorry for the pictures, I wasn't able to really take--- because I was hungry-- no decent food in hotel.

Friday, May 27, 2011

I so wish I get in

I-rotate nyo na lang tinatamad ako e.
Had an interview earlier. I just thought, why not make money out of my being chikador, PR-ing to make money. And so I wish, but WT* was I blabbing about?! The interview was a blur, but really fascinated about his "questions".

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Arrival: OtterBox Commuter

Blackberry Pearl 9105 OtterBox Commuter Series:
Came in with the silicone and the polycarbonate case, plus screen protector, and the small cloth.
And a sticker, that you can see on top.
It was supposed to arrived 6 in the evening but FedEx, I think heard my ever so loud yearn for the OtterBox, they delivered it, ahead of time, around lunch time, before I left the house.

Oh, before I forgot, it fits snuggly, yes snugggggly, the review on Crackberry is so totally right--- adds weight to the ever so light BB Pearl 3G, feels more solid and--- SECURE. The package came at less than $50, but let's see how the exchange rate would be translated in the bill. Thanks to my dad, I am spoiled, bow.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I need a Trip to SM Dept Store

 Gusto ko ng winner na bag, low budget lang.
Might be too big.

My Trip to the City of Smiles: Calea from the Sugar Land

You don't know how I love love love desserts. You don't know how crazy I went, when I heard that those cakes are just retailed for around Php600 to Php700. In comparison with made to order cakes here in Manila with those in Calea--- Calea have surpassed what the cake/dessert makers here offers (the ingredients are imported but they managed to make it affordable or should I say--- sell in a reasonable price), plus with the price--- in Manila, cakes at Php600 would only give you half of those cakes in the display.

I bought a whole chocolate cake--- ganache and dulce on a pound cake (?!not sure, almost brownies) made with imported chocolate, that I would be bringing from Bacolod to Manila, hand- carried. --- It stayed well moist, chewy, and the cake did not sag to think that the recommended time for it to travel is around 1 to 2 hours, I had some problem going home--- traffic, and hailing taxi. The Calea 'pasalubong' arrived safe and sound and looking delish, so as the box got opened I dug in.

Some of the desserts we had after finishing dinner at Mu Shu:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BB Pearl went diving: OtterBox Commuter

Yes, and because my BB Pearl went diving (it fell!!! on the ground!!!) when I was in Bacolod--- I had to buy (I had to ask dad) if I can buy BB an OtterBox for total protection. I went to Greenhills before the trip to look for one, but only to find a Capdase Silicone that doesn't really fit BB--- and so I didn't buy--- that moment I truly regret, if I'd only bought that Capdase, BB won't have scratches now.

The OC that I am, I had to cover the scratches so I won't be bothered---
Okay, I just had to, I just had to, looks awkward.
But in a week time my OtterBox will come via FedEx. Yahoo.

My Trip to the City of Smiles: Mu Shu Asian Restaurant and Lounge

Mu Shu, nicely lit resto somewhere in the middle of two odd establishment (if I remember right, it was dark, we came in for dinner) red color here and there. It was still early --- the lights are still bright, but it dims as party mode strikes to be a lounge. Good feature that it can transcend from a family-friendly dine-in place to a 'barkada tambayan'.

Off to the food---
Angus Beef Tapa. I have no complain. It is divinely tasty, cut perfectly.
I am a Tapa addict, I can eat Tapa everyday, 3 times a day.
Sweet. Sour. ---Salty.
Then came the dish that made me eat LECHON--- I heard from Don Anton that it's Peking Duck, and so I picked one and then another, after sometime I asked again--- 'Ang sarap ng Peking Duck, saan galing?'--- They laughed--- it's not a duck--- It's LECHON.
Pritchon Php 145 (5pcs.)It is crunchy, tasty, not oily and it felt fresh.
Now I would love to eat Lechon again as long as it is wrap, so I wouldn't know it is Lechon.
Forgot to take a picture of the Beef Stew, it smelled so deli and I am so hungry,
that I just took this for my Twitter. It is the left bottom portion of the photo.
But it's tasty enough for me--- Gerard and Raquel were arguing that the beef didn't absorb the marinade. Cooking time and process would really matter to make it tasty, but nonetheless if you're hungry this would do at least it is succulent soft, yes, and thick sauce tasted different from the stews here in Manila.

The dinner ends with---

Visit Mu Shu Restaurant's website:

Monday, May 23, 2011

Are You Happening on the Internet?

Geiser-MacLang, the leading strategic and PR agency in PH wants you to join their team! Deadline is today, so hurry and apply, if you're a people person this job is for you!

My Trip to the City of Smiles: Palmas del Mar

I stayed at Palmas del Mar for the entire duration of my Bacolod stay.

Bacolod have a great sunset, but we were not able to see it. I was expecting to see it at Palmas del Mar, but to no avail, I was always dropped late. The resort is situated at the edge of the sea, so you'll really have a nice backdrop for your wedding if you're doing it on a resort. I was looking for this:
I stayed on an Iberian suite, beside the main pool, which is shown above. The whole resort is equipped with WIFI, Cabled TV, phone lines--- so no boring time even you're not swimming. I just wished there were spa services available. There are several pools with slides--- at this time the resort is packed with people--- but you can still enjoy swimming without looking "sardinas" in the pool. (I didn't swim)

For the rooms, really cozy--- design-wise the Mediterranean Suite, caught my liking. The built of the structure plus the color will really take you to Espanya or Italia.
As for the Iberian suites, I am not quite sure how it is Iberian, as Iberian design is on colors of yellow ochre, maybe theme is on the interiors.
The rooms are big enough to fit 6 persons in this suite. Rooms are goo no doubt as Palmas regularly do renovate their suites. We'll now talk about the services like FOOD, if I wasn't picked up everyday, I would starve here--- definitely not a must try---food in the hotel suck. I ordered my favorite Carbonara and Fries. Maybe the cook doesn't know 'al dente' to saggy. Spaghetti noddles are saggy, big bloated tubes already. But let's just forgive that, and then the sauce came in bland--- and it is expensive for a 'carinderia' type of food--- I can order that at Php60.00 in our school canteen and it will still be tasty with small meat balls.
Aside from the food, well, everything seems to be fine, would love to bring family here, enjoy the atmosphere near the beach with good view of sunrise and sunset. Great of company outings big rooms across the other hall.
*Plus, they also support artists--- you can do you art exhibits at the resort. Just call in for the details.

If you would like to check in the details, visit their website:
Call Raymund Malapitan/Asst Resort Manager for the best packages at (034) 434 7971 to 72 or 09227474254

* Disclaimer: I sent a LOI to Palmas del Mar, so I can feature them on this blog, in return they gave me one day free accommodation.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Trip to the City of Smiles: 21 Restaurant

After the Balay trips--- FOOD!
Gambas Alajilo
Okay table really crowded. From the left it is Raquel's favorite Kinilaw and then on the right I am not sure, but I think it is Batchoy.
The Scallops. Bow.
The restaurant has a cozy to fine dining aura, clean but bit "humid" on our side as power interruption welcomed me in this trip. Menu should be replaced--- looking old with just printed from a home printer.

Food, I can't say it's good that I would be coming back, and bad that I won't be coming back. It's good, but I guess we just ordered the wrong food?! It's expensive. The seafood kare is not a winner (Kanin Club still reigns for me) and while Scallops are good, but Aboy's are better.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Trip to the City of Smiles: Balay ni Tana Dicang

After the Balay Negrense tour, we're off to Balay ni Tana Dicang, the ancestral house of the Lizares Family, Don Anton's family from his mother. The house was turned into a lifestyle art space and a museum. I didn't know that the "art scene" is way prevalent here, like that of the Cubao X--- but I knew that most of the good artist came from Bacolod, but doing art in Manila.

We were greeted by the machuca tiles, (I think the design of the tiles is still available until now, see code 82)---
---and by modern art on one of the saddle rooms converted into forum space for art talks, on both sides.
We went up on the beautifully crafted staircase by Pampanga artists, the mangagawa of the house we're all from another town mostly from Manila, Pampanga. It was finished 1883 but the construction took almost 10 years (if my memory serves me right!?). We were toured by a manang who lived there for 40 years as a servant and witness to history of the Balay.

Talking about preservation on my last entry, here is an example of a good conservation team--- The Balay ni Tana Dicang's luster is well kept. No dusty part in the house, it's like there are still people living in it, which doesn't make it scary as that of the aura of the Balay Negrense.
The Balay's insignia (See how it is not dusty and still shine, mukang pino-floor wax)
The furnitures speaks of lavish lives that the family enjoyed. Tana Dicang have 17 children, she raised by herself after she was widowed.
I am not sure of the other details but the second one from the left side is Don Anton's grandfather.
Porcelain "Hilamusan" still good as new.

Friday, May 20, 2011

My Trip to the City of Smiles: Balay Negrense

Upon entering the plane bound to BCD, I was greeted by FAs in Ilonggo --- "Maayong Aga." Flight was not smooth, I hate the take off part. But one-hour-bumpy plane ride was worth it---

Don Anton, fetched me at Bacolod- Silay Airport and immediately asked where I'd want to go--- have known me for 2 or almost 3 years already, I think he already knew I am fond of buildings and old structures plus food--- We went straight to Balay Negrense.
Window of the house turned museum.
The place had nice pieces of the past, you can feel how grand they lived, how life was then lavish--- the spaces are meant for entertaining guest, parties, dinners. I was left at awe to how beautiful the furnitures are.
But I am a bit sad to how it is being taken cared of--- the Balay asks for Php40.00 entrance, but then it is not that well maintained--- one of our subject back in college was Conservation?! or something I forgot what it was but it's part of our NatSci subject, and we were lectured by Gemma Cruz- Araneta on Heritage Preservation more focused on structural design and how it should be done.--- The place is dirty, dusty (did they also want to preserve the dust?!) no actual field guide, signs or captions are far dirty too. Sana ayusin nila polish--- just like the Balay ni Tana Dicang. Anyway got some good pictures from the house:

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mulberry Clipper Small Luggage Oak

Please be mine. Thank you.
For only: Was £1,019.19   Now £611.52

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mary Kate Olsen on Beastly

Chica lang nya.