Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Arrival: OtterBox Commuter

Blackberry Pearl 9105 OtterBox Commuter Series:
Came in with the silicone and the polycarbonate case, plus screen protector, and the small cloth.
And a sticker, that you can see on top.
It was supposed to arrived 6 in the evening but FedEx, I think heard my ever so loud yearn for the OtterBox, they delivered it, ahead of time, around lunch time, before I left the house.

Oh, before I forgot, it fits snuggly, yes snugggggly, the review on Crackberry is so totally right--- adds weight to the ever so light BB Pearl 3G, feels more solid and--- SECURE. The package came at less than $50, but let's see how the exchange rate would be translated in the bill. Thanks to my dad, I am spoiled, bow.