Saturday, May 07, 2011

Once you go Black you'll never go back

Quoting friend, Wendyl Chan.

And yes, it's been a week already when I started using Blackberry my father bought for himself (but actually for me, we swapped phones, my HTC Wildfire for the Blackberry Pearl 9105). So far, even without the BB services yet, it's been fun using it, no more typo caused by fingers landing on the wrong letter (aside from the 'month' auto correct thing BB is always insisting), plus faster texting, even without looking, thanks to the traditional keypad that BB Pearl 9105 have. But then I think it'll be faster if I have a full qwerty keypad.

I chose BB Pearl 9105 over BB Bold 9780, value for money--- yes, one review tells that it is a Bold on a smaller body--- "--- All the horse power of this Blackberry Bold 9700 into this phone size---". Here's the video:

The BB Bold 9780, is expensive but feature wise BB Pearl 3G is far better. BB Pearl 3G's screen is at 256K colors while BB Bold 9780 is at 65K colors, little difference on screen size with 2.25in vs 2.44in respectively. Same storage of 256MB but BB Bold with 512MB RAM, but connectivity wise--- WIFI of BB Pearl at Wi-fi 802.11 b/g/n (let us give emphasis on the N) BB Bold 9780 at Wi-fi 802.11 b/g only. Same processor. BB Pearl with 3.15MP while BB Bold with 5MP, not really that important. What is important --- email, faster connection and light weight.

The thing with BB Pearl 9105, or in that case, all BBs, they're all super light even with those keypads and big built. *Starting to be super BB fan already.* The phone is 'pang-smart' people, until now I discover new things while using the phone. The camera produces really clear photos despite of having only 3.15MP to it--- some of the photos on my BCD trip are from the phone.


Anonymous said...

Parang I want a blackberry pearl but I cant seem to let go of the 9780...

Charlie Chan said...

I will feature a more depth comparison of both, wait for it. Hehehe. I want BB Bold 9780 din e. LOL.

Pa Ul said...

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