Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Trip to the City of Smiles: Calea from the Sugar Land

You don't know how I love love love desserts. You don't know how crazy I went, when I heard that those cakes are just retailed for around Php600 to Php700. In comparison with made to order cakes here in Manila with those in Calea--- Calea have surpassed what the cake/dessert makers here offers (the ingredients are imported but they managed to make it affordable or should I say--- sell in a reasonable price), plus with the price--- in Manila, cakes at Php600 would only give you half of those cakes in the display.

I bought a whole chocolate cake--- ganache and dulce on a pound cake (?!not sure, almost brownies) made with imported chocolate, that I would be bringing from Bacolod to Manila, hand- carried. --- It stayed well moist, chewy, and the cake did not sag to think that the recommended time for it to travel is around 1 to 2 hours, I had some problem going home--- traffic, and hailing taxi. The Calea 'pasalubong' arrived safe and sound and looking delish, so as the box got opened I dug in.

Some of the desserts we had after finishing dinner at Mu Shu: