Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday Feast Day!

Ofcourse, we end up in Bubba Gump after long hours of thinking where to eat. ~Okay okay, it was my choice! Well, the best place on Earth! Yummy!

I asked Mon and Neil out to celebrate their supposed to be first pay cheque, which they still yet to receive on Monday due to *.
The Kids! Mon and Neil
We ate our hearts out with the signature Bubba Gump dishes I always order when I visit: Cajun Shrimp, Pingpong Chicken, Mama's Southern Fried Chicken and Jasmine rice.

Also asked Roanna to join to celebrate her freedom! lol.

After the dinner, I end up shivering~ too cold on my place plus I was wearing shorts~ and with a full stomach, aching because of too much laughing! Almost throw up because of those funny stories of AIDS and AIDS on syringe and stabbing, and Herpes, mostly STDS!
It was good night! ~and sad in the end where I need to say goodbye to Roro, who I will not see on Monday.


Roro Left the House!

On Monday, I will not see this girl arriving at the office screaming HOT~ "Ang init!", anymore.
Won't see her when I turn around. Won't hear her rant about things. No one will ask me to go with her to Oliver's to buy iced tea or to Starbucks to buy Green Tea Frap. No one will ask me to go to Rockwell and see something. No one to have Jollibee dates with Chicken Joy. Will not hear her keyboards crack. No one to share panoxyl moments. No one to bug me to watch movies--- old ones. I will have no rant-mate anymore. No one to laugh with when we hear BLAGGERS, and buggers! Will have no one to talk to about creative things, new things. Will miss her gayness, gay songs and her google-ing naked photos of Cristiano Ronaldo. Will miss her cry-baby moments, when stressed. No one will scream out of kilig-ness for Patrick Moberg and hottie soccer players. No one to update me of Malaysian nuffies.
Will miss her Katinko. Definitely. Will miss the monggos she brings for me for lunch. The potatoes!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


It's getting on my nerves already. We can continue to be patient, but after awhile of being patient, we can't help but just get sick of it, and say we can't and won't get a hang of it, because it's never right to fail. Fail and do/learn nothing about it, is the worst.
Just a thought on how to treat people:
"We always have to think before acting/speaking (well, a process where I still need practice), it's a must most of the time for almost anything. You also need to see people, treat them well, know your limitations or boundaries, be professional when needed, but most of the time, I really think, you should know them, maybe not on the personal side, but at least know something. Connect, show respect and you will be treated equally."
Incompentence, I don't know~ Trying to fix things is just hard when you are held up by obstacles (people who really don't understand, people who don't face mirrors)~ don't blame it on others, that's even worst.
Crappy service always ends up with a customer's change of preferrence, so don't wonder!
Thought on discovering new things:
"It's never an excuse that you don't know the stuff, because we can always learn. Learning is a continues process, and never ends."

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Complains 2009

People who don't want to spend get this.

OAP 2009: Exhibition and Tradeshow

Don't complain to me, just did what you asked me to do, it is with your approval, remember? Christmas lights?--- "Gastos lang yan." Unless you want me to ask an exdeal for that? Lights in exchange for 1 LED Board spot for 1 day? or is it too much, may be half day for the christmas lights.

UN has a better booth design?--- Let me think, they have budget and we don't. Will I be the one to think of gimmicks--- am not from the sales team.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Financial Advises of Richmond Ibasco: More Questions

I don't know stress, stress with nosebleeding and head-turning, before I met these Lasallites, Richmond Ibasco and Neil Mendoza. They are financial-advancements-freaks (at a young age. They must really know what they want), they always think of these things, not that it's bad, but what does really matter when you live this life? Where does the teachings of God be relevant here?

Before I even graduate (well, not even, because I think this is the question that I thought of since the time that I know things--- I'm out of innocence and know that money is something of a bigger value than that of it's written numbers), I always thought of this, "What will happen to me after 5 years?" or not --- this is what I really thought, "I want this to happen in my life in 5 years.". We always have this aspiration, a want, a goal to make our life even better. Is it really important? or it is just enough to have enough, to live just enough for a day and the next day, and the next. Some people would settle for that. One night a taxi driver told me, "Sir, Mayaman ka nga pero alam ko mas masaya ako sa'yo!" (trans: "Sir, You're rich but I'm happier than you!" done because he just wanted me to pay extra). That sentence struck me again, would I be happy if I were just a taxi driver? How could he say that to me? Is he really happy always worrying of what to feed his family?

I am still living the allowance-based lifestyle, where my parents would still give me allowance for a week--- and I am working, that is what Mon always points to me--- I am working and still asking for money from my parents. That would be different if I work hard--- wait that is not right, I work hard--- it will be different if companies pay for what you work for (no offense).

"What is important is that you're happy with your work and everything follows"---"Money is not important--- work with passion, and not after the money" are the most common words of wisdom you can hear in common offices, well, hell yeah they bring out pointless arguments--- What if it doesn't follow? --- Not important, then why don't they give what is rightful for their employees, why do they want to be richer, why do they get sleepless nights when stocks are down?. There's so many why's and buts--- the only answer to this is--- money is important, and everything follows, you can work happy when you are full right? You can't eat PASSION. Then comes--- "Don't be a slave for money."--- teaching of the church.

What is it that really matter? Will they be saved/go to heaven? (the ones not thinking of money, well I think they will get there faster, lol, because they will starve to death? Joke).

Here's what matters to me--- I want to provide for my family--- be freed from the allowance-based lifestyle. I don't want to work for someone forever--- I want my own company in 3 years--- it won't happen if I stay (with less than Php500,000.00 in 2 years hell no). I want to be able to say to my father that I am richer than him (just like GRS). I want a house in Forbes (a plus). I have to work fast and seriously time flies.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Best OJT Ever!

I bet they would describe this OJT experience in PPSP as the best, because they get to play flash games (for now, PSP still with EBR), and mostly I think because they do fun-learning stuff in the office (well, minus the PC wreck---Richmond described as baho). Plus, specially when they can get to sleep! I don't deprive them the privelege to sleep, take a short power nap?!

This was when we were transferring office. Just a prank we played on Richmond

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Boys Over Flowers

F4 Korean

Who would have thought that yet another Hana Yori Dango version will come out from another Asian country? And this time, it's the Koreans' turn to take the roles of the uberly-rich kids of the east.
Lui Xing Hua Yuan/ Meteor Garden Taiwanese version of Hana Yori Dango

Meteor Garden, was made a phenomenon during my freshmen years. Everyone's really into it, singing Mandarin songs they don't even understand, wearing skimpy- tight fitting clothes was in then, and plus, let's not forget, the long hairs for boys, would the Korean version surpass the influence Taiwanese version made?
Hana Yori Dango Japanese Version

It's supposed to be the original, but the I think because of the station that got it's rights, it didn't made a hit that much (or so I think, I am not a Kapuso, sorry to tell). Plus, I think I find them a little weird, there's something wrong with their face, and proportion, plus god the wardrobe, off! Well, this time I find the clothes of the Taiwanese version a bit 'jologs' too, but that time it's/I think nice.

Let's see if this new adaptation would made a hit. It's with ABS-CBN after Tayong Dalawa.

Saturday, May 09, 2009


Yes, I did it again. Another one leaving. Maybe I should be next. What do you think?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New Office

Outcomm's new office at Wumaco Bldg. is very home-y because of the touch of dark wood and warm colors. I am proud to be part of the process of interior designing with Ms. Tec

Perky pantry for the big boys?!Bizzaza tiles- like for the washboard was chosen by Ms. Tec and it really gave the pantry a fun feel. Now, they will all have great appetite (whoops! Alert! fatsos coming).

They will all transfer on Monday! Woohoo! that means more space for us, but I wish we can have something a little bit like this or a better office, where we can work and breathe fresh--- I wish for agency like atmosphere.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Vogue: The September Issue

I didn't know. lol. I have this issue, and I didn't know that it was---

"The september 2007 issue of vogue magazine weighed nearly five pounds, and was the single largest issue of a magazine ever published. With unprecedented access, this film tells the story of legendary vogue editor in chief anna wintour and her larger-than-life team of editors creating the issue and ruling the world of fashion."

Source: hellofrancis

Fashion is a religion and Vogue is the bible. lol. Yep it is! most of my inspiration came from it when I was still a student at UST-CFAD. All of it's features never fades, it's always classical.

Unbelievable Pacman

Source: Chuvaness
(Photo: GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)

After the 2nd round and a left hook.

I mean, Manny, I mean. You know. I mean congratulations. How much would dollar cost after the fight?

H&M by Madonna

Really funny ad from H&M with Madonna. I think it was last last season/ last year that Madonna tied up with H&M. They never fail to give 'masa' a couture like fashion for a little price.

And about Madonna, she everywhere now-a-days, designing for H&M and modeling for LV.


Look at those! H&M please please faster, come here in our third world country, hungry for your cheap fashion flares.
Matthew Williamson for H&M.
Source: Wants in Life

Ako Mismo Org

Ako Mismo ( is about making a stand and taking real action for the causes you believe in. Causes that you yourself can truly pursue to make a real, positive difference to your fellow countryman, to your country.

Ako Mismo is a campaign to take a stand on what you believe will make a difference on our situtation here in the Philippines.

This is what I do to make a change.
Viral Campaign! Commitments, I think, should materialize and not just be published online.
The dog tag

I wonder--- who is the agency behind this?

Reality: Slumdog Millionaire

All of my friends were pushing me to watch this movie, and thank God I did, because if not, I will miss half of my life.

It is written.

I don't want to watch it first because, I feel it's boring--- it's full of nasty looking things like slums and poop--- it's not a very good source of inspiration for me, seeing beautiful things, luxury satisfies my eyes, but then the movie proved me wrong, it was really rich in culture. India's culture was well depicted (I would mean the other side of India. I think this is what most of India is, if am not mistaken?). More or less it's what Philippines would look like in a movie too. It's most likely if not very similary to our situation here--- our TV stations have 2 or more game shows, in which people wants to win in each one of it, some just want to be on TV and make an announcement, find a long lost father, etc.. Shows like that gives them hope--- instant cash that will bring them out of the slums, but then I think with Jamal--- it's a search, it's not really the game, not the money--- it's finding himself and finding love, Latika.

Part to cry. A very touching scene.

Okay, all in all it's an eye opener to what really is happening, but then in the end, what can I do? What can we do to change this? It's not all about just watching the movie and realizing--- what it is to do next?

Then, music is great, love the jaiho (whatever the spelling is) in the end.

Apart from that I think Indian cinematography improved well, and story plot at par with other great movies.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Trip to China Town's Cabinet

I scheduled a visit today with my dentist, Dra. Luzviminda Go- Sy. She's my dentist since god-knows-how young I was. I schedule an early appointment (2 months ahead of schedule) because I was already being bugged by my molar sensing cold, and I don't like it. So, did open my molar and removed the remaining calicium-whatever-fluoride-pink cement that's still there, only to find out that it's okay but I'm just sensing cold because it's starting to be tired (okay, that's the nerve saying I eat too much). Then the proceedure goes on, until the final verdict to just cement it again and observe. Of course after the saliva spills, there will always be 'chikahan' portion.
And then the best part of going to Divisoria China Town is on: Shopping!
Four polos plus one pants
Me and mom went to Cabinet at X29 2nd floor Cluster Building II, Tutuban Center first, to buy moi polos (es). They have limited stocks of Thailand polos. Okay, limited--- meaning you're the only one to have the piece here, unless they go shopping in Thailand (which I guess, won't happen in a while because of the chaotic situation there); one piece per costumer; one size per polo only. I have had really cute polos from Cabinet before, and now I went over as in one week wardrobe of new cute polos, plus one pants, all for less than Php3000.00! That's a great deal, ahuh! Thanks to the greatest haggler (if there's such a word) of all time, of course! my mom. If there's a job for haggling she would be the best fit for that.

Cute print on one of the long sleeves

Now I am excited to go to work, clothes makes me happy, to wear them makes me even happier. It makes me gloomy and dead when I don't have great piece to don. That makes me vain, right? Well I guess I am.

Okay P.S. before I end this, let me just say that am being overly business minded--- I offered billboard, LED spots and internet ad space to the owner while mom haggles. lol. She just promised that when her friends would need one she will text me, moreso when there's new stocks coming.

New in Town

Yeah, saw it just now. An okay movie, Renee looks old, her partner. looks dirty. and old.
Haven't seen any Louis Vuitton in the movie, aside from her Chanel bag, that's why am a little off with the poster. A bit weird to put an LV bag in the poster when you didn't use any in the movie. It catched my attention to watch it because of the bag--- thought of White Chicks, Devil Wears Prada and (well okay) Desperadas (local) movie, where designer bags were all over the movie. It catches a certain target market 'the bag hags' but led them off just expecting.