Saturday, May 16, 2009

Financial Advises of Richmond Ibasco: More Questions

I don't know stress, stress with nosebleeding and head-turning, before I met these Lasallites, Richmond Ibasco and Neil Mendoza. They are financial-advancements-freaks (at a young age. They must really know what they want), they always think of these things, not that it's bad, but what does really matter when you live this life? Where does the teachings of God be relevant here?

Before I even graduate (well, not even, because I think this is the question that I thought of since the time that I know things--- I'm out of innocence and know that money is something of a bigger value than that of it's written numbers), I always thought of this, "What will happen to me after 5 years?" or not --- this is what I really thought, "I want this to happen in my life in 5 years.". We always have this aspiration, a want, a goal to make our life even better. Is it really important? or it is just enough to have enough, to live just enough for a day and the next day, and the next. Some people would settle for that. One night a taxi driver told me, "Sir, Mayaman ka nga pero alam ko mas masaya ako sa'yo!" (trans: "Sir, You're rich but I'm happier than you!" done because he just wanted me to pay extra). That sentence struck me again, would I be happy if I were just a taxi driver? How could he say that to me? Is he really happy always worrying of what to feed his family?

I am still living the allowance-based lifestyle, where my parents would still give me allowance for a week--- and I am working, that is what Mon always points to me--- I am working and still asking for money from my parents. That would be different if I work hard--- wait that is not right, I work hard--- it will be different if companies pay for what you work for (no offense).

"What is important is that you're happy with your work and everything follows"---"Money is not important--- work with passion, and not after the money" are the most common words of wisdom you can hear in common offices, well, hell yeah they bring out pointless arguments--- What if it doesn't follow? --- Not important, then why don't they give what is rightful for their employees, why do they want to be richer, why do they get sleepless nights when stocks are down?. There's so many why's and buts--- the only answer to this is--- money is important, and everything follows, you can work happy when you are full right? You can't eat PASSION. Then comes--- "Don't be a slave for money."--- teaching of the church.

What is it that really matter? Will they be saved/go to heaven? (the ones not thinking of money, well I think they will get there faster, lol, because they will starve to death? Joke).

Here's what matters to me--- I want to provide for my family--- be freed from the allowance-based lifestyle. I don't want to work for someone forever--- I want my own company in 3 years--- it won't happen if I stay (with less than Php500,000.00 in 2 years hell no). I want to be able to say to my father that I am richer than him (just like GRS). I want a house in Forbes (a plus). I have to work fast and seriously time flies.