Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OtterBox for BlackBerry 9900

I think I want an OtterBox again, I am using Capdase Xpose Ultra Slim and Soft-to-Touch already, but but but I still am drooling over OtterBox Commuter Series just like the one I got for BlackBerry Pearl 9105--- My OC-ness will break my bank, I see small scratches on the chrome because Capdase Xpose moves or wiggles a bit maybe a bit loose on the lower part.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Blog Absence Explained

Sorry for my super super long absence and long long inconsistent blogging. After having my BlackBerrys--- been just on twitter updating tidbits of my boring life.--- Well, for one I had my business with my friends Glow Coconut Sugar, then decided I really need to fix my life --- that's why I got in with a newly set upped company here in PH from MY, Pacific Internet Solution, care of my friend, QuaChee.
(Do I sound like MYsian?!Chinese?) LOL. Well---
Here is my boss, pogi as he says la. LOL 陳傢興--- Jason Chan. He looks like XiMen from F4 LOL.
I am sorry Jason, but you have to land on my blog, because you're my new boss. LOL
All teams from all over the world is very hard working, LOL I should know, because I pester them with all the questions for my assignments Winnie ask me to do. Hmm. Now, I can say I am really happy with what I do, I even forgot that it's already pay day when JX gave me the first pay of my first month of stay. I am tired, but happy--- this company will be big, we just need to work hard.

So if you have website, or online marketing needs, please feel free to email me at charles@pct.com.ph --- visit: http://myweb.com.ph
Or text me when you're near ADB Avenue, in Ortigas Center.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spoil Your Sole In Rio Carnival with Ipanema

What is your ultimate travel fantasy? Dance all night with samba music, parade with real samba schools, or join thousands of travel enthusiasts in celebrating the world’s biggest carnival in Brazil? You and your friend can have the chance to experience all these with just a pair of Ipanema as your ticket to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!
Dance in graciously styled footwear. If you’re looking for an elegant pair of slippers that’s both feminine and comfortable Ipanema’s Ritmos Collection—inspired from the clothes of the people who go to Maracatu, a popular party in Pernambuco, Brazil—has a wide range of flip-flop styles that can easily be paired for a simple stroll in the mall to a summer shindig with friends.

There’s no doubt that Brazil is more than its beautiful coastlines, lush tropical rainforests, and the giant statue of “Cristo Redentor" or Christ the Redeemer. The land that has won the hearts of many travel buffs as a popular choice for holiday getaways is actually the hometown of the world-famous Rio Carnival.
Flower is power. Ipanema’s Envolvente Fem collection truly brings out the modern psychedelic feel with its colorful array of artwork design mixed with a touch of a metalized logo on its strap.

Annually held 40 days before Easter, Rio Carnival is a four-day celebration of dance, music, and culture where samba schools compete with each other and street festivals prompt both locals and tourists to dance the samba—a popular Brazilian dance with African influences.

The carnival officially opens with the crowning of the Fat King or King Momo. And when he starts to do the samba, everybody at the event dances with him to signal the beginning of the celebration. With all its spectacles and excess, Rio de Janeiro was hailed as the Carnival Capital of the World.

Make Your Travel Fantasy Happen with Ipanema
This year, as Brazil starts to prepare for Rio Carnival 2012, the fashionable Brazilian flip-flop brand Ipanema brings in the ‘Spoil Your Sole In Rio Carnival Raffle’ promo—the grand search for the lucky Filipino travel buff who will fly to Brazil with a friend to indulge in a week-long trip-of-a-lifetime and to join the huge celebration of Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

“The ‘Spoil Your Sole In Rio Carnival Raffle’ promo is the Ipanema way of giving back to slipper-lovers the support that they have given to the brand. And because Ipanema is all about spoiling your soles, we are giving them the travel experience they have long been dreaming of,” said Patxi Elizalde, Managing Director of Elro Corporation.

For seven days and six nights, the lucky winner and his chosen friend will be treated like VIPs as they enjoy a series of tours to the magnificent landscapes of Sugar Loaf Mountain, Corocovado, and Petropolis. Carnival tickets will be provided for them to witness and participate in the celebration for two days. During the parade days, a roundtrip limousine service with an English-speaking tour guide will assist them. Lastly, a total of USD1,000.00 (USD500.00 per person) will be given as their pocket money.

Who Can Join? And How?
If you are a Filipino citizen or a flip-flops lover who has resided in the Philippines for at least a year now, Ipanema invites you to join the ‘Spoil Your Sole in Rio Carnival Raffle’ promo.

Just grab your favorite pair of Ipanema slippers from any participating store nationwide to get a printed promo code to be given upon purchase of every pair. Like the Ipanema Philippines Facebook Fan Page <www.facebook.com/IpanemaPhilippines> to see the Spoil Your Sole in Rio Application. Click ‘Submit Entries’ and complete the information needed for your raffle entry.

Get more raffle entries by buying more Ipanema pairs for more chances of winning the Rio Carnival experience. Besides, Ipanema features a wide selection of stylish yet comfortable pairs to choose from.

So grab this travel experience you’ve always wanted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The raffle winner will be drawn on date January 3, 2012, 4pm. So be sure to get your comfortable pairs of Ipanema slippers before the promo ends on December 31, 2011.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

What I wear for my birthday!

Red Ralph Lauren, because it's my birthday!

Argh! I want an international looking office

I am working for an foreign company here in PH. This is my layout---
* wanted a uniform boring office furnitures, I want to add in color! Mygad how will my creative juice flow if I am surrounded by greys and cream. Argh. These are my pegs:

This is one of the furniture I was aiming to get.
And a wooden bench for the waiting area---

Wooden side tables for the lounge.
This is not only for my eyes, but also for the sake of the office, so that when clients visit they won't think that it's a fly by night company and it is stable and able.

A nice ambiance promotes good vibes and luxury, para naman kasi pipichugin company pag boring.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Happy Thursday

Actually, it's happy Wednesday, after receiving my verbal offer from Pacific Internet--- really, I am rejoicing my heart out, as blanket of shitty days enveloped me the past months of depressing no-activity-no-money situation. Well there is but it's not a significant amount to be called money, but money nonetheless.

There's always rainbow after the rain, saw this September 23, then after received several calls:
After I received first payment for NP internet and designs.
After Wednesday, I already decided to award myself with a new phone as my BlackBerry Pearl 9105's sounds died on me--- I decided to get the newest Bold, instead of settling for 9780. But getting just 9780 was the plan before the price went up again.
Shot of my BlackBerry Bold 9900 by my mom's also new iPhone 4.
Then attended my tito Jobby and tita Azon's 25 wedding renewal of vows ceremony as the commentator for the church rite and as a hungry ass for the reception. Saw a really cute old people too--- celebrating 1000 years of marriage---NO--- but still cute. :P
People should take them as example, still sweet at their age.
Made my ass bigger--- can't fit a size 31 now. Argh.
And because of my new job, I need/want new clothes (one of the things that makes me excited going to work is dressing up) and so we went to Greenhills, look for polo and pants.
Got some stuff from Ralph (because I wanted a Hamptons/Ivy look), Longsleeves polo
Black socks for a 100 bucks, and CapDase for my BlackBerry. 

Now, excited as ever, I will be blogging frequently--- more about work! Wohoo.