Sunday, October 02, 2011

Happy Thursday

Actually, it's happy Wednesday, after receiving my verbal offer from Pacific Internet--- really, I am rejoicing my heart out, as blanket of shitty days enveloped me the past months of depressing no-activity-no-money situation. Well there is but it's not a significant amount to be called money, but money nonetheless.

There's always rainbow after the rain, saw this September 23, then after received several calls:
After I received first payment for NP internet and designs.
After Wednesday, I already decided to award myself with a new phone as my BlackBerry Pearl 9105's sounds died on me--- I decided to get the newest Bold, instead of settling for 9780. But getting just 9780 was the plan before the price went up again.
Shot of my BlackBerry Bold 9900 by my mom's also new iPhone 4.
Then attended my tito Jobby and tita Azon's 25 wedding renewal of vows ceremony as the commentator for the church rite and as a hungry ass for the reception. Saw a really cute old people too--- celebrating 1000 years of marriage---NO--- but still cute. :P
People should take them as example, still sweet at their age.
Made my ass bigger--- can't fit a size 31 now. Argh.
And because of my new job, I need/want new clothes (one of the things that makes me excited going to work is dressing up) and so we went to Greenhills, look for polo and pants.
Got some stuff from Ralph (because I wanted a Hamptons/Ivy look), Longsleeves polo
Black socks for a 100 bucks, and CapDase for my BlackBerry. 

Now, excited as ever, I will be blogging frequently--- more about work! Wohoo.