Monday, October 24, 2011

Blog Absence Explained

Sorry for my super super long absence and long long inconsistent blogging. After having my BlackBerrys--- been just on twitter updating tidbits of my boring life.--- Well, for one I had my business with my friends Glow Coconut Sugar, then decided I really need to fix my life --- that's why I got in with a newly set upped company here in PH from MY, Pacific Internet Solution, care of my friend, QuaChee.
(Do I sound like MYsian?!Chinese?) LOL. Well---
Here is my boss, pogi as he says la. LOL 陳傢興--- Jason Chan. He looks like XiMen from F4 LOL.
I am sorry Jason, but you have to land on my blog, because you're my new boss. LOL
All teams from all over the world is very hard working, LOL I should know, because I pester them with all the questions for my assignments Winnie ask me to do. Hmm. Now, I can say I am really happy with what I do, I even forgot that it's already pay day when JX gave me the first pay of my first month of stay. I am tired, but happy--- this company will be big, we just need to work hard.

So if you have website, or online marketing needs, please feel free to email me at --- visit:
Or text me when you're near ADB Avenue, in Ortigas Center.