Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dan and Blair on Episode 18

To tell you I was not happy of the outcome, hmm what 4 episodes to go, before they're gone again. But it's good, it makes you intensely glued and icky to see the next episode, I just hope Blair and Dan land together (keep fingers crossed).

Saturday, April 16, 2011

There's also other new ideas that are not food related

like,Co [LAB], it's a space you can rent where you can work--- let's change that, it's a posh office-like space where you can work (of course for a price). It is in Makati: 4F Optima Building, 221 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village, 1229.

Good Business Ideas

These days that I have been out from the radar, I encounter many good food ideas, some old and some new, but what can you say, it's food it will always be patok.
(Sorry for the not-so-appetizing photo.)
Got these bunch of desserts from the Best Food Forward show, last April 2 to 3.
Carla and Elaine's new healthy cookie, it's an oatmeal cookie made from (of course Glow Coco Sugar)
Then the one in the red box is the intriguing, Wicked Bites by Dragonfly Desserts.
I bought it out of curiosity from news/blog entries I read about it.
The other sushi looking one is from the Pink Wasabi, made by sisters not into sweets (how do I know, LOL, you know me, I made chika with them sa booth)
And, then there's the macarons from The Cookie Jar (the one I bought, no regret naman), but found another one from Christa's Kitchen, better looking. Compare:
This one is from The Cookie Jar.
Then this is from Christa (which by the way PNoy, enjoyed daw during some catering service).
Then I also bought from Risa Chocolate, chocolates to die for, they make handmade chocolates, whatever, I think right term is artisan chocolates, just like Machiavelli's. Try their Cerveza Negra, masarap!
Then another really kakatuwa na kwento one of our collegemate from CFAD, is a food vendor na pala, making pies--- called Simply Pies. From art to food, but she made use naman of her talent in photo and making good presentations.

One of my friends, chef Robert also expanded, from resto to catering (if you can call it expanding) and it's doing good. Now, makes me think of how to start, something new under food industry.

Hindi halatang mahilig akong kumain.