Wednesday, April 29, 2009

KFC goes Healthy!

Okay! Don't panic, they didn't change menu or something--- like changed to veggies! lol They still have those junkies, we all love. They just added this cool cooler-like bevs, it's called KRUSHERS, nice name huh!? I will krash you! I saw and sipped it (At least one variant from many. So many)! and yay! It was goodness till the last drop/ sip. I got the strawberry banana yogurt (because I'm a yogurt addict, opps. forgot to post about the fro-yo madness last Friday from Hobbies at High Street). For my last words: Try it! it's fun to drink, it's deliciously healthy! Yum Yum!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cock Tales at Topman

I was like 'wt*' when I saw this, COCKTALES! Dessert hub in TriNoMa. I used all my powers to prevent myself from laughing so hard. It's like cock=*toot* in my brain and read again cock=chicken!? Yuck. But then I think, feel, and smell that food there is great, well, it seems from the pictures and tagline: Desserts like no other. And plus, it's a nice cozy place for 'tambayan' ---added perk---eating healthy food.

Then after passing by COCKTALES--- I end up at Topman---saying hello to 50% off yet again by Topman! And here's what I freakin' bought out of impulsiveness:
Unfortunately, I think I need a khaki to complete the look, and sadly I don't have one. (I think)

Dela Rosa Bus

Cummins/KingLong Bus
Originally uploaded by world_bus_boy
Surprised to have received a computerized ticket upon paying my bus fare!

Dela Rosa Transit never fails to give me a shock--- releasing the first (I think) King Long bus here--- boasting with two LCD screens to watch DVD, with spacious seats and a nice foot rest for your tired feet after waiting long at the bus stop. And here again, it was Monday the bus 'kundoktor' held out this weird looking thing--- like a palm-treo-pda-type of machine, and gave me this:

Ticket from DLR (Sorry for the blurry picture. Blame Nokia E71 camera)

Well, HK bus system is still better with the Octopus card, but at least we are getting there.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bahay Kubo Ni Kap

It was my Lola's 80th birthday! My aunties planned a celebration+outing for it, and we stayed at Batangas.

Bahay Kubo ni Kap, is a rest house owned by Kapitan Sagrado?! (will check the calling card), and is open for reservations for those who wants to spend a great vacation with family, friends or office outings. The place is so nice--- the concept was a bahay kubo-living, although they have 2 bahay kubos, inside of those were modern facilities--- there's one big house with, I think, 7 rooms minus the owner's room equals 6 rooms in all that can accommodate at least 14 to 18 people, complete with aircon and Cable TV in every room. There's two bathrooms inside the big house and one each bahay kubo, another 2 shower rooms outside (if I remember right?). There's a pool for kids and well, for kids at heart. The pool is big enough to fit us all without being crowded. It runs a very clear and clean water, with options to make it hot or cold.

Bahay Kubo ni Kap is like your home away from home, you'll feel at home in this place.

Whoops! Before I forgot, there was also extra amenities like--- Banana boat, Jet ski, Island- boat hopping, and kayaking--- so you will surely never be bored here.

Hmm. Before we were all young and just seating beside our parents, behave and all. But now:

Finished all the liquors after. hmm. let's see, an hour?! End up eating lots of pulutan, in short--- food trip!

Before we are talking Dragon Ball Z' and Sailor Moons, now we are talking business:

Too serious that we need coffee after drinking lots of booze. lol.
After boozing, we can still pose for some 'kodakan' moments.And then this--- someone's sleeping. lol. Knocked out!
Let's just imagine this
(they didn't ride the banana boat in the morning)
That's my Tita Beth, Tita Vivian with Baby (cat),
my cousins Ate Rios and Ate Totel.

Here's the real ride:

After three rounds of slamming over, and emerging under the water--- we were very very exhausted.

Note: More about the Bahay Kubo ni Kap Trip on next entry.

Insomia Korean Version

One day, Judd Sta.Maria came across this video in YouTube, and hell it didn't stop bothering me. It keeps playing on my mind. Well, here it is, the Korean Version of Craig David's Insomia:

Umm, I think Korean Version won, lol. The video has a better concept of the song, better dance moves, better editing (I think Korean has better editing skills when it comes to MTVs). I've seen many Korean MTVs (thanks to my friend Tini) and this is, I can say, at par with them.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sad Day

It was a sad day at the office. Many things happened. And many things will still happen.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I was PEx-ed

My entry for SODA Man event was Pinoy Exchange-d, I mean sourced for a topic in Pinoy Exchange for Dennis Trillo. Opps, again I mean my previous url

Hohum, wasted juice of traffic.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Monsters vs Aliens

Hilarious movie!

Alien: There were innocent people on my home planet before it was destroyed.
Susan: Look! I'm sorry your planet was destroyed.
Alien: Oh. Don't be, I'm the one who destroyed it. Confused?!

There was this line also in the movie about alien ships landing only in America. Don't you also ask?! Yeah, why is it always in America? in Maxwell, is it Maxwell? or Rockwell? in Kansas aka Smallville.

Wonder when will aliens choose to land in the third world countries?

White Madness

Let's not forget that the most powerful man today is Black!
After watching all those racist movies, I was hungry for information about the color war.

Do you know that there was a White Australian Policy back then? What the hell!? It was mainly directed for Chinese and Japanese, because the Whites in Australia was afraid of them.

Huh hom. What is it with colors?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Color Wars: Australia

Australia, the movie, wasn't quite what I expected it would be. I thought that it would be so boring to death. It turned out to be interesting ---It is interesting to find out more about the native Australians (Aborigine) and the Stolen Generations, 'King George', the cattle industry before WW2--- how they are fighting against discrimination of the Black, how they fight to be equal--- Why is it that Whites always have problems regarding color difference--- Ginger Snaps Again (another movie White versus Red [White vs Indians (native Americans/Apache)].

Do we realize Blacks (Aetas to Philippines) have always been the ones original to the land that the Whites are claiming sovereignity? --- has always been the original settlers but turned to be slaves of the conquering party--- of White?

Note: I don't have anything against Whites, just that I am curious of what made them think before that they were any good from this Black people. I am not saying I like Black people, not saying I don't like them--- I like Oprah, because I see she does good, but you would always think of them as the gangstahs, ones who beat people without any reason--- well for one, I know some reason, one is because of discrimination, low self-esteem (still caused by the first) that they blame to anyone who will be there when they blow.

Okay that is mad.

The movie has a fantastic cinematography; South Australia has been nicely captured. It was like touring the other side of Australia. Sounds were fair enough for every scene. The costumes were fabulous--- fabulously worn by Nicole Kidman (Lady Sarah Ashley). She's always stunning anyway you see her in the movie--- with dust, clean, dressed up.
The movie end up, really made me asking more questions about Australia.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday the 13th

You must have noticed that this year we passed, what?! four?!, Fridays with 13 as a date. We all think it's malas (unlucky), well, here's unlucky story.

After dying in the office, we (me and Roro) went to Rockwell to meet (hope to meet) my friends, Janelle and Kats, to eat at Pepper Lunch and watch Knowing after dinner. And because you know the taxi situation at Bonifacio High Street, ---arrived at Rockwell around 9:30p.m.--- everything's closing already and badly, didn't take note that Janelle and Kats didn't knew where we're going to meet, as I said okay to their every text, not noticing that they were asking if we're meeting at G4. With all that, our crave for some Pepper Lunch were deprived, and crashed we went for another hideous taxi ride to G5 to meet the girls up.
Pepper Lunch's Burger Steak

Okay, we end up eating at our favorite spot in G4, I mean my favorite spot! Fine. Bubba Gump! Wohoo! The new dish we tried is good--- Fried Chicken, well it has a different crunch and gravy was a perfect match too! Our staple order--- still present at the table--- Cajun Shrimp and Pingpong chicken.

And yes we end the night with--- Friday the 13th movie!

Our hearts jumped endlessly with all the scenes morbidly done to scare the hell out of the audience! And hell it did (Jason, did it again!), we end up so tired after that we ate again at Mcdo (but not with Roro, anymore because she needs to go home already).

That was a nice break from office work, next time Pepper Lunch!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Reader

Seriously, this movie is a tear-jerker, a different story about love. It has a nice twist on events, though you can really see it coming, it comes smooth and well delivered. I love Kate Winslet, and that Michael guy, who was played by David Kross, not so for R. Fiennes, but like the part where he taped the books he reads and sends it to Hanna.
Make-up was not so nice, but well, maybe that wasn't their main concern. lol

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Thomasian 2008

I got my Thomasian already! Wohoo!
Thomasian, is UST's yearbook. Got really excited when I saw it on the table last last night, I will be able to see UST peeps, again, at least from the pictures. I was able to recognized aquintances, nodding university-mates, classmates from P.E., friends from ROTC's lightduty, and building-mates.

Me in my Harry Potter-ish toga shot.