Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bahay Kubo Ni Kap

It was my Lola's 80th birthday! My aunties planned a celebration+outing for it, and we stayed at Batangas.

Bahay Kubo ni Kap, is a rest house owned by Kapitan Sagrado?! (will check the calling card), and is open for reservations for those who wants to spend a great vacation with family, friends or office outings. The place is so nice--- the concept was a bahay kubo-living, although they have 2 bahay kubos, inside of those were modern facilities--- there's one big house with, I think, 7 rooms minus the owner's room equals 6 rooms in all that can accommodate at least 14 to 18 people, complete with aircon and Cable TV in every room. There's two bathrooms inside the big house and one each bahay kubo, another 2 shower rooms outside (if I remember right?). There's a pool for kids and well, for kids at heart. The pool is big enough to fit us all without being crowded. It runs a very clear and clean water, with options to make it hot or cold.

Bahay Kubo ni Kap is like your home away from home, you'll feel at home in this place.

Whoops! Before I forgot, there was also extra amenities like--- Banana boat, Jet ski, Island- boat hopping, and kayaking--- so you will surely never be bored here.

Hmm. Before we were all young and just seating beside our parents, behave and all. But now:

Finished all the liquors after. hmm. let's see, an hour?! End up eating lots of pulutan, in short--- food trip!

Before we are talking Dragon Ball Z' and Sailor Moons, now we are talking business:

Too serious that we need coffee after drinking lots of booze. lol.
After boozing, we can still pose for some 'kodakan' moments.And then this--- someone's sleeping. lol. Knocked out!
Let's just imagine this
(they didn't ride the banana boat in the morning)
That's my Tita Beth, Tita Vivian with Baby (cat),
my cousins Ate Rios and Ate Totel.

Here's the real ride:

After three rounds of slamming over, and emerging under the water--- we were very very exhausted.

Note: More about the Bahay Kubo ni Kap Trip on next entry.


Anonymous said...

hi! do you still have the contact details of the owner or care taker or anyone to talk to regarding the rental of the "bahay kubo ni kapitan"? we are eyeing the place as a possible venue for our company outing. Hope to hear from you the soones. thanks! you can email me in