Sunday, April 12, 2009

White Madness

Let's not forget that the most powerful man today is Black!
After watching all those racist movies, I was hungry for information about the color war.

Do you know that there was a White Australian Policy back then? What the hell!? It was mainly directed for Chinese and Japanese, because the Whites in Australia was afraid of them.

Huh hom. What is it with colors?


Roanna said...

i took one sem of australian studies and wrote a paper about the aborigines.. really interesting topic.. australia's history is rich.. that with the british etc.. i haven't seen australia though.

Charlie Chan said...

It's a nice movie hahaha, my dad sniffingly- cried during the movie, lol. Lalo na nung scence with creamy and they thought he died...

I want to go to aussie!