Saturday, April 11, 2009

Color Wars: Australia

Australia, the movie, wasn't quite what I expected it would be. I thought that it would be so boring to death. It turned out to be interesting ---It is interesting to find out more about the native Australians (Aborigine) and the Stolen Generations, 'King George', the cattle industry before WW2--- how they are fighting against discrimination of the Black, how they fight to be equal--- Why is it that Whites always have problems regarding color difference--- Ginger Snaps Again (another movie White versus Red [White vs Indians (native Americans/Apache)].

Do we realize Blacks (Aetas to Philippines) have always been the ones original to the land that the Whites are claiming sovereignity? --- has always been the original settlers but turned to be slaves of the conquering party--- of White?

Note: I don't have anything against Whites, just that I am curious of what made them think before that they were any good from this Black people. I am not saying I like Black people, not saying I don't like them--- I like Oprah, because I see she does good, but you would always think of them as the gangstahs, ones who beat people without any reason--- well for one, I know some reason, one is because of discrimination, low self-esteem (still caused by the first) that they blame to anyone who will be there when they blow.

Okay that is mad.

The movie has a fantastic cinematography; South Australia has been nicely captured. It was like touring the other side of Australia. Sounds were fair enough for every scene. The costumes were fabulous--- fabulously worn by Nicole Kidman (Lady Sarah Ashley). She's always stunning anyway you see her in the movie--- with dust, clean, dressed up.
The movie end up, really made me asking more questions about Australia.