Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hair Color

I want his hair color--- Ash Blonde, will surely make me look more meztiso (not son of a whore in Spanish; take it on Filipino meaning).

Like the hair style also--- but 2009 is all about short hairs, so better leave that for other season.

Commercialized Feng Shui

One thing I learned this Lunar New Year, is that anyone will do anything for good luck. Funny though, people just go around without even really learning what Feng Shui is all about--- what's the real meaning of it--- it's not just all good chi bad chi, it's a tradition, it's having faith in what you can do to make your life luckier.

Wearing charms is the most common thing people do to attract good luck (as advised by some book/ feng shui practitioner). Some people don't know that you don't just wear charms--- it has to be blessed first, the most essential thing for charms (like for agimats or amulets--- they need latin prayers or whatever to have it's effectiveness). Blessing charm in, forgot what the metal thing is called, where you let the monk or shaman put it in and say their prayer while banging the metal or circling the brim to create the sound, to send a message to Buddha.

Beware of Commercialized Feng Shui:
More people are believing in Feng Shui, and more people are doing this not to help, but to get big cash. Remember you don't have to shell out big money, in this case a single cent to be lucky, you just need to BELIEVE, and get in ACTION.

Lost: Makati

Getting lost in Makati in the most dangerous time of the day, is hell no good. Freaky people passing you, at the back of your mind, you're thinking that they're following you. Nyah. I can't really get Makati transpo system--- the only means I know to get around is by taxi (expensive ride: cause--- traffic(s) by nothing)--- jeepneys routes are confusing.

I tried the jeep yesterday, because we have taxi scarcity and I'm dying to go home already (huhuhu: missed Tayong Dalawa episode 5). Aha, and to find out that there's also bus scarcity after landing at Ayala (11:00 p.m.). I didn't have a choice, so I opted to go long cut to our house.

After ten gazillion years at 1:00 a.m. I arrived home wasted.

The experience was like reminiscing my HK trip--- being deprived to ride the MTR sucks hahaha (I am still out when the MTR closed and I was on the other side, far from where I stayed, and was not familiar with the number system of the bus, so TAXI saved me again and some police officers). Opps. Forgot I came pass a group of really really dark people, I thinks it's the Nigerian whatever Embassy in Harbourbay.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Want a Samsung Omnia i900

I want a Samsung i900 Omnia!!!

Look at that beauty--- slightly smaller (but bigger in features) than iPhone ---with 112*56.9*12.5 mm vital stats, it surely is the sleekest phone, you can have at hand right now. You wouldn't worry about the phone being out of style with its classic silver/ titatnium-ish plastic case--- very classy, business-y type of phone.

To have this phone will really help my life, get a life --- with 3.2" large, large color display, I can watch movies ---uploaded to it's 8gb/ 16gb memory or from the memory card (omg! 16gb+more memory [card]), blog on the go (thanks to it's wifi, and ofcourse the big screen, it won't be a pain in the---eyes, to blog on a phone), also do read office stuff, while not on my desk (augh! now, really won't have to worry missing an email, while strolling/ talking 10 minute walk around High Street).

And ofcourse, I want want this phone because it's user friendly--- PC like interface because of it's OS and widgetry --- you can do your magic personalization of the screen, up to your needs.
The box! has the bomb. Box na box pa lang panalo. Very posh package!

Friday, January 23, 2009


I love the look of the Burberry Prorsum Fall/ Winter 09. Very dandy vampire like. Complements the hair color of the model.

I love the nifty sexy bag (portfolio) the man is carrying on the runway, it would be nice to carry one to the office, but not so nice if it will be drag on the MRT's chaotic atmosphere.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Head Over Her Heels

I love this job.

Depression, I dont really deserve it, do I?

Blog Absence

I have been struck by Typhoid (a virus where you can't type, joke).

I have been sick for 10 days already and still running.

It's my first time to undergo a CBC--- bloody extraction!

Maybe I got this from MRT sick sweaty people, maybe from Starbucks' (Banofee: peanut butter ingredient), or maybe from the office's water.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Family Breakup

Doesn't this family had already enough of mishaps?
It's better to die or death that to have a broken family, but well, if we can't avoid--- let it be, the hell.
How in the name of God will I still believe in the idea of THE FAMILY (you can live without friends but not without a family) when with just this simple trial (death, strokes, Lupus), everybody will just snap off.
Families suppose to share their problems (well, but if you have enough problems yourself, you don't need to bother to take part on the simple problem the other member is having--- celphone lost (Tinnie winnie problem. Solution: pay. That simple. It's just money, money can't buy peace of mind).
Self- pity, is such a blah thing to feel. Anyone just don't have to feel it. Don't force someone to quit loving because you think that you are just some burden--- don't doubt their love for you--- they are doing what it is that they can do in all their power to take care of you, and keep the family together.
Let's keep the family sane and together. I hope the right persons realize this.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Silver Shoes

Well, it's not that silvery as that of the Gucci one, but atleast it has something similar to it, with a twist. hehehe. A cheaper version--- styled to look a little old. Kartel by Traffic.

Samsung Omnia Experience One Touch

I want to blog on an Omnia. Very cool.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Phone ethics Ad

For the fashionistas to drive safe.

Dandy Day

Second day of being dandy--- or Daddy Long Legs?

Zara TRF pants, F&H suspenders,
Bench white longsleeves, Bulgari cufflinks,
Argyle socks and Kartel pointed oxford shoes.

This is from the other fashion blog (either or

Funny, that when I went out of the office to answer call of nature, I saw a car that match the era where these clothes or style was in.

Monday, January 05, 2009

The Bow Launches an Arrow

The bow, the bow tie got the office crazy over me. Well, not only the office, but people around --- Amanda Griffin (feelingero!), people from the bus, MRT, glancing and spotting what I was wearing today. lol

A Kin bought in 168 stripe longsleeves , Caruso black bow tie,
Zara TRF Women's Pinstripped (with tacks? infront),
Kartel oxford shoes, Studded belt.

Honestly, I love attention (Hey! I am entitled to be, am a Libran). Does it look dandy neat already? ei, not so much.

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Address

A post to my old blog at livejournal:
about my new blog address--- for easy name retention and to avoid, name- murder.

New blog address for the new year! and some changes--- look at the

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Moon Gush

An aftershock of the Post Christmas Photoshoot for Tomato:

With everybody

Director (me) with Janel (make up artist) and Mafe (model)

Auds doing the High Fashion pose

Me and Katz doing Brokeback Mountain. lol

Had been reading this book:

And it's making me all so into the story. I am feeling the characters' depression, excitement and everything, everytime I read something. It makes me, very involve, like I am in the story. Augh, I want to skip this story already. lol

New Year Rendezvous

Project dandy look for New Year

Usually at this time my Mama Aty would knock at our door to greet us a Happy New Year and give us lucky money to start the year, but then this year was different.

Today we remembered those days, when she will be makulit to give us her lucky money.

Ahco got emotional, when she sat at the table.

I miss Mama Aty.

But then it's new year, we just need to remember them but be happy that they are with our Lord.