Saturday, January 31, 2009

Commercialized Feng Shui

One thing I learned this Lunar New Year, is that anyone will do anything for good luck. Funny though, people just go around without even really learning what Feng Shui is all about--- what's the real meaning of it--- it's not just all good chi bad chi, it's a tradition, it's having faith in what you can do to make your life luckier.

Wearing charms is the most common thing people do to attract good luck (as advised by some book/ feng shui practitioner). Some people don't know that you don't just wear charms--- it has to be blessed first, the most essential thing for charms (like for agimats or amulets--- they need latin prayers or whatever to have it's effectiveness). Blessing charm in, forgot what the metal thing is called, where you let the monk or shaman put it in and say their prayer while banging the metal or circling the brim to create the sound, to send a message to Buddha.

Beware of Commercialized Feng Shui:
More people are believing in Feng Shui, and more people are doing this not to help, but to get big cash. Remember you don't have to shell out big money, in this case a single cent to be lucky, you just need to BELIEVE, and get in ACTION.