Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Want a Samsung Omnia i900

I want a Samsung i900 Omnia!!!

Look at that beauty--- slightly smaller (but bigger in features) than iPhone ---with 112*56.9*12.5 mm vital stats, it surely is the sleekest phone, you can have at hand right now. You wouldn't worry about the phone being out of style with its classic silver/ titatnium-ish plastic case--- very classy, business-y type of phone.

To have this phone will really help my life, get a life --- with 3.2" large, large color display, I can watch movies ---uploaded to it's 8gb/ 16gb memory or from the memory card (omg! 16gb+more memory [card]), blog on the go (thanks to it's wifi, and ofcourse the big screen, it won't be a pain in the---eyes, to blog on a phone), also do read office stuff, while not on my desk (augh! now, really won't have to worry missing an email, while strolling/ talking 10 minute walk around High Street).

And ofcourse, I want want this phone because it's user friendly--- PC like interface because of it's OS and widgetry --- you can do your magic personalization of the screen, up to your needs.
The box! has the bomb. Box na box pa lang panalo. Very posh package!