Monday, November 19, 2012

Long Blog Absence

Blog absent for quite sometime already, not that I have nothing to write about, but I don't have time to write. My friend has been bugging me to write again, since he thought that our day from morning till wee had been so interesting, well more interesting and has a place in people's interest about kids doing business (okay, not kids, but young entrepreneurs).

Well for starters, life has been different since I moved in and out of my parents' house, moved in and out of my condo, and now moved in with friends' house. We started RichTEK (together with Richmond/Richard and now with Arnold) a supposed to be internet marketing company, but due to lack of marketing heads I can't push it at that. Think it should settle for being a system development company, anyway that's where Richmond is expert with.

As of the moment I am mostly with Jordan, from Equiknox Inc, a print and supply company, which he and Miguel and one of their friend started 6 or 8 months ago.

I am not sure how we happened, we just went from client to client everyday. Landing on some good projects, like Liwayway's Oishi Comic Book, where we became 'pakyaw' during the production. And we have other up coming project we hope we can deliver smoothly.

More on our everyday escapades in the following days :)

Lumabas na ang Cukoo(?!) bag. Yipee!