Thursday, November 25, 2010

Russian Cookie Love

A great great find, I am not aware of the Russian Cookies at The Podium--- not until I saw them at Mercato, super nice how it is presented, very 'monarchic'?! very Marie Antoinette. And it doesn't taste that sweet, I love how it is not also very cookie-y, right bite, and pleasing pleasing to the eyes. You will not want to eat it.

This is my favorite one, chocolate outside and walnut surprise inside.
Well they all taste good, but am addicted to the sweet salty taste of the walnut.
Not a fan of almonds, so walnut it is.

Mercato Centrale Opening

This is a week overdue post. It is an early, super early, that I wasn't able to sleep, at 3 a.m. I have to be up.

Mercato is where you can do your palengke things in high heels and diamonds, don't forget about the bags--- and the hags. LOL.

Organic everything

Glow Coco Sugar Products

People crowding on the organic booth

And yes, you can bring your Hermes as your 'Bayong'

Celebs shop there too

Facade of Mercato Tent 1 with RJ Ladesma

Richmond with Jomar
And yes, that's it--- super good food are around, lots to buy, I can't be left here alone--- on that day itself, in a span of 10mins or so, I managed to burn 1,000+ peso.

Mercato Centrale is organized by OAP's Anton Diaz and Rache Uy-Diaz (fave person, really jolly), RJ Ladesma and Vanessa Ladesma, Gary Villanueva and Janice Villanueva of Creative Juice/ Mommy Mundo.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eve of Mercato

Just finishing some media kit for the opening of Mercato Centrale! I hope everything goes well later! See you at the Bonifacio High Street for a great tasting breakfast!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Life's been busy with

 Yes, events for Glow Coconut Sugar, and now with our new baby, CHOCOCO, your healthy chocolate drink. We sponsored the successful Coffee Origins (October 7, 2010) as sweetener supplier, to raise awareness of the organically grown coffee in the Philippines, plus along with it promoting organically, healthy coconut sugar, also locally produced. And then, along with Kitchen of Carla and Elaine's we also attended the very much awaited event for foodies--- UTT or the Ultimate Taste Test on their 5th to introduce the new addition to our product, Chococo: Your Healthy Chocolate Drink. I can say it's "unsinfully delicious"--- it's chocolate minus the guilt from the sugar, because it is sweetened by Glow Cocosugar.
With Richmond, and customers who bought (pakyaw)

With Jhoey of Pinoy Organics

Richmond and Chococo
And now, on November 21st, Mercato Centrale in Taguig will open the first ever market that's cool (literally because it has an air-conditioned tent), clean, comfortable and organized. Catering healthy and organic, innovative and great tasting food finds. It will be open starting November 21, at 6 a.m. and following weekends. See our poster for our schedule.
Hope to see you all, in our events--- this December there are 2 more that's on our calendar.