Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Corporate Employed vs Self- Employed

I think after 2 years of doing nothing, well not really nothing nothing--- but I just felt that all the time --- was wasted, but then again, I've come to realize that--- of course everything happens for a reason and the reason is--- I was employed for a year, experienced and learned good amount of things from good mentors--- so I knew that structure and strategy is one to roll in a company--- I was running a business with friends, totally learned many many things, met new people, many new people--- now I am employed again--- now I am more sensitive to both side of work--- being the boss and being the employee. I can look in both sides--- like we need sales, we have to push--- but employees need something to drive them--- so devise a plan, an attractive one for them. I don't count everything I do ---now as an employed person--- because I understand and am willing to help out the company to grow--- I enjoy the job plus I treat it as my own business, I might ask for a share in the company in the future. Grow the company grow your salary, right?

Otterbox for BlackBerry 9900

Update: Hold is more solid (just noticed that while using it). Woot Woot! I got my BlackBerry his new case, OtterBox Commuter Series! (expensive but I think worth every penny~ even if it is from 中國--- nothing against it. ) It's snug, snugl-ier than that of my first case protection for it--- Capdase Xpose. Capdase does it's purpose but I think a bit messing the phone too, because it's a bit loose, so the edge moving with the chrome got it scratched, but tiny marks that we can just over look. I decided to buy the OB just because--- of the video--- and it looks nice-rrrr. And holds nicer too.
The Commuter Series like with my first OtterBox has an impact absorbing silicone, and hi- impact polycarbonate. It also has port and button covers--- with free slef adhesive screen protector. ~ No FREE sticker now, sad--- maybe if I ordered direct again?! I want the sticker!
 Nicely done, showing little bit of the chrome on the sides.
 Perfectly covered bottom, with hole for mouth piece.
 Buttons covered and rightly protruded for easy pushing
(this was my problem on the Capdase Xpose) 
Covered with polycarbonate with holes for camera and flash---
Plus, speaker cut.