Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Corporate Employed vs Self- Employed

I think after 2 years of doing nothing, well not really nothing nothing--- but I just felt that all the time --- was wasted, but then again, I've come to realize that--- of course everything happens for a reason and the reason is--- I was employed for a year, experienced and learned good amount of things from good mentors--- so I knew that structure and strategy is one to roll in a company--- I was running a business with friends, totally learned many many things, met new people, many new people--- now I am employed again--- now I am more sensitive to both side of work--- being the boss and being the employee. I can look in both sides--- like we need sales, we have to push--- but employees need something to drive them--- so devise a plan, an attractive one for them. I don't count everything I do ---now as an employed person--- because I understand and am willing to help out the company to grow--- I enjoy the job plus I treat it as my own business, I might ask for a share in the company in the future. Grow the company grow your salary, right?