Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Monday Blues after Holy Week

I was really not really excited that holiday has finally come to end, that's what I thought and then lazybee sting or is it stung?! me. So I decided to just accompany my shobe (younger sister) to the hospital to check for available doctors on her MediCard account to have her Carpal Tunnel checked. Went to St. Luke's E. Rodriguez because her card is not accepted in St. Luke's LUXurious Hospital in Taguig, even though her work, which also pays for the card is just a few blocks away. WTF. But it's good, let's see, till the bills come. We were just in time for the next few numbers in line and in just 30mins her name was called. I went in with her --- I was bugging the girl-in-charge to get us a Chinese doctor, so we can get a discount, in case MediCard won't cover the whole thing. You know Chinese, would be nicer to fellow Chinese. Or so I just think. LOL. Too Binondo idealism. But there's no harm in trying. No, we were given a Filipino doctor instead--- let's not talk about it LOL.

And then we went to Bambang, so I can leave my stuff and then go to Divisoria so I can search for the perfect wood finish chopping board for our project with Ryu. So here it is the chopping board! It is made from bamboo. Said it is high quality, special artwork, natural green, envirenmental protection and sanitation Penple need bamboo for inhabiatancy under circmstance eating without meat.... Su Dongpo?! WTHell?! Chinese people really need to update their dictionaries. I don't understand. LOL.

And then well, I ate dinner. My favorite shrimp --- which I ordered at BonChon Lucky Chinatown Mall.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A New Journey: Equiknox Inc

I've been absent for so long. As I browse to the pages of the blogs I follow before, it made me miss what I was doing before, writing about shit in my life. And then I realised why not right about what is happening now at the office?! It is interesting, right? A start up company, from Taft to beyond, from printing to fabrication. From students' #pisoprint to big clients.

As Equiknox Inc sails into its new course, I just hope for everything good great. After everything it has been into, I will make sure Equiknox Inc will stay forever. Or not--- thinking of a new name---
Tribecai or Tribekai.

*Sorry for the weird writing style, I have yet to polish blog writing again.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Last Night Conversation to J

I think what I meant was I was already losing myself to you. :(

Monday, December 31, 2012


When can you say that the love you feel is right?
"Love comes at the right time?!"
What if you feel it for the wrong person? Will it be considered wrong? It feels right but then if you think of what "should bes" this is wrong.

I am not sure what it means but he chose the male doll but then chose not to stay with him?!

Sunday, December 02, 2012


I almost lost my bestfriend because of doubt. I was just being safe, not that I doubt all of him, but because apart from being my friend he is my business partner. I was wrong and I admit it. Of course I was just being cautious on trusting my life to other people (though I told him siya na bahala sa buhay ko), because I plan around our plans, and was not sure if we'll be sticking together for long. And after knowing what I know, I thought he was not being honest and was not sincere. He was right when he said I was not sticking to the plan. And I hope the plan is still there after the confrontation.

I saw that he was very disappointed that of all the people, I also doubted him. And I deeply regret doing so. I don't know how I would make up to him. I know he said it's already in the past, but I still feel guilty, because I want to make him feel proud of himself tapos ako pala yung magdadoubt sakanya. Plus, he's always very supportive of me with anything, even blogging. He was the one who encouraged me to blog again.

I almost cried when I talked to him, and seeing him disappointed just crushed me. I hope to get past this guilt LOL.

Yes I was not following the plan, but now I know it and if he would ask, I am with him all the way, no questions asked.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Long Blog Absence

Blog absent for quite sometime already, not that I have nothing to write about, but I don't have time to write. My friend has been bugging me to write again, since he thought that our day from morning till wee had been so interesting, well more interesting and has a place in people's interest about kids doing business (okay, not kids, but young entrepreneurs).

Well for starters, life has been different since I moved in and out of my parents' house, moved in and out of my condo, and now moved in with friends' house. We started RichTEK (together with Richmond/Richard and now with Arnold) a supposed to be internet marketing company, but due to lack of marketing heads I can't push it at that. Think it should settle for being a system development company, anyway that's where Richmond is expert with.

As of the moment I am mostly with Jordan, from Equiknox Inc, a print and supply company, which he and Miguel and one of their friend started 6 or 8 months ago.

I am not sure how we happened, we just went from client to client everyday. Landing on some good projects, like Liwayway's Oishi Comic Book, where we became 'pakyaw' during the production. And we have other up coming project we hope we can deliver smoothly.

More on our everyday escapades in the following days :)

Lumabas na ang Cukoo(?!) bag. Yipee!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

At Brentwood

Bought a 1br unit at Brentwood Mansion, thanks to my dad's down payment LOL am able to get it, but still on 10yr payment scheme. Hopefully can finish before 10 years.

Still has lots of work to do, but at least I have the few necessary stuff in already, like the fridge, water dispenser, mattress, table for work and WIFI!
Then I got myself nice deal on the curtains which we bought in 168 Mall.
I want a few things, that sana I can get for cheap price, pero hindi! Mahalia Jackson!
Chair~ Source: Design Folder
Artificial Grass for the balcony :)
And an iMac would be perfect (next time, MacBook Pro muna)
Source: Design Folder
Parang gusto ko na ayaw ko ng carpet na yun.
Gusto ko palitan din ang wood planks.
More to come.