Sunday, December 02, 2012


I almost lost my bestfriend because of doubt. I was just being safe, not that I doubt all of him, but because apart from being my friend he is my business partner. I was wrong and I admit it. Of course I was just being cautious on trusting my life to other people (though I told him siya na bahala sa buhay ko), because I plan around our plans, and was not sure if we'll be sticking together for long. And after knowing what I know, I thought he was not being honest and was not sincere. He was right when he said I was not sticking to the plan. And I hope the plan is still there after the confrontation.

I saw that he was very disappointed that of all the people, I also doubted him. And I deeply regret doing so. I don't know how I would make up to him. I know he said it's already in the past, but I still feel guilty, because I want to make him feel proud of himself tapos ako pala yung magdadoubt sakanya. Plus, he's always very supportive of me with anything, even blogging. He was the one who encouraged me to blog again.

I almost cried when I talked to him, and seeing him disappointed just crushed me. I hope to get past this guilt LOL.

Yes I was not following the plan, but now I know it and if he would ask, I am with him all the way, no questions asked.