Friday, July 31, 2009

Shopping Spree

What happens if you leave a boy with a BDO Platinum card ---frustrated?--- in a mall, on a sale (but bought no sale items, f*ck).
This happens, with guilt--- inside, but still happens.

It was Friday night, and he has nothing to do, because--- he is FREE!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bacardi 151 Night at Fez

For my supposed to be last day, and the intern's official last day, the company treated us out at Fez Serendra.

Then Abe brought us to Platinum for a night of KTV. (Well night to day)

Ms. Jing and Neil, drinking their share of the Bacardi shots.

After the night, when all was finish--- and I have to go home, I had the strangest feeling--- lol. It was sad and a feeling that I can't explain, happiness of sort. But until now, I still feel stuck, and weird to be going to office on Monday.

And here's an entry also about our last day, by Judd:

Insecurities: I am Insecure

He perfectly pointed it all out.

You just have to love yourself, so you won't feel any less than any other person. It all goes down to the word ME, yes, You, me, I--- to improve oneself, to do something, but to do something for yourself, not for others, or to compensate to what you think others might want of you, might want for you to become.

I saw this video from bryanboy.

D&G Frangrances

Offers new.
"The ultimate art of self-expression: one collection, five eternal personalities”.

Visit for more infos about the product.

Hip Wedding Entourage

I saw this from Chuvaness, maybe they're really a groovy couple. I think the song still matches the message of being wed--- to be together FOREVER.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter 6

Seems a little bit. hmm twinky for the audience or is it just me? lol

All the hormones of those kids. tsk tsk. Kiss here and kiss there. And then Ginny, "Shoe lace." - to Harry. Aww.

But all in, it was fantastic, love the thrill of the quest for the Horcrux. After the movie you will want more.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day Ends At Asian Twist

Went to Greenhills, to buy new phone for shobe, and then shuffle for me.
Then straight to S&R for grocery.
And then:
The hell with my allergies, here's what we ordered:
Tuna sesame seed rice tataki?!
Grilled chicken in crepe with white sauce.
Creamy seafood Bibimbop (ricetoppings)
Bagnet Bibimbop (ricetoppings)

(Fish) Fillet Bibimbop (ricetoppings)

All of those ricetoppings end up like this.

And then the fight for that Asian Twist signature cake continues:

Asian Twist cake is fille with mousse, mango, and a sansrival-like crust, for PhP85.00

And here's mom and dad after eating. lol

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Don't push it too hard.

I think my biggest regret will be this, and leaving my Ahma for THIS.

I think if I was there, and kept my promise to never leave her, she would still be here.

So, don't push it.

I think it ends right here. My heart is not in it anymore. Two weeks will be bad.

Monday, July 13, 2009


It was salon day today, went with my mom.

Here’s what I ask them to do:
Inspired by Tom Cruise’s character, Stauffenberg, I asked them to curl my hair. lol

Nice change for my hair; was tired of having straight one, spiky, Korean look, so while watching the movie yesterday, I said, ‘Hmm… Why not curls?!’. It still looked like Korean! Gu Jun Pyo?! Hmm, Jose Rizal? lol

And plus, the do is in the D&G runway for SS10.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Visit from English-speaking McDo Delivery Guy

Never fails.

I always get those impressions that I'm not a filipino-speaker. There was this time that I went out, wearing really old clothes with holes on it and ordered at Jollibee (delivery was not yet available in our area) the cashier went speaking in English, even I was wearing basahan clothes, she still have me mistaken for a foreigner, and so I played along. Lol.

Then there was this time that I paid the collector for the jeepney, and he then told me, 'Hold on, wait' (he has no change for the money I gave him, so he went to find change, then he gave me my change, and said 'Thanks'.

And there are many times these already happened to me.

This time a McDo delivery guy tried his best to accomodate, the foreign-looking me to understand what he was talking about.

Mcdo DG: Let's go there, sir. (pointing to our garage, it was raining)
Okay, no more drinks, sir. (gesturing with his hands 'no more' sign) Then gave me a a thumbs up.

This incidents proves that Filipinos, especially those on service oriented jobs are really serious about being hospitable and to always keep their customers feeling special and comfortble. I commend the McDonald's and Jollibee crew for being so accomodating to foreigners, and foreign looking people, lol, like me.

Friday, July 10, 2009

3 months

Only two weeks left.

With almost 3 months of their stay here, I have found new friends. It's not a common knowledge to all, that I, this guy who can get along with anybody, have few/select friends. You can count them in one hand.

Well, I mean I have friends, but friends-friends that I can tell almost everything, stuff that are too personal, will only be heard by few, and will only be understood by few.

I only have few friends that I can go out with, and if I really think about this, I have none, lol, they're all busy with their life and work. So, I end up going out alone--- plus we don't share the same interest with places now (maybe something to do with where/what kind of new people they are exposed to now).

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Foxxy Lady

I had a chance to watch Transformers, yesterday, gad just yesterday.

Very foxxy lady. Hmm.

Megan, aligning her boobies.

Friday, July 03, 2009

My Food Trip Referral

Thanks, for the referral! wohoo.

I was referred because of my Asian Twist Fusion Resto entry, well, it was really great there, can't complain.

And one more thing to add to that entry--- Asian Twist cake is so good, with layers of moose cake, a sansrival like layer, and chiffon (I think, if I remember the combination right), I recommend that people who will visit there should also try it. Asian Twist Resto is really about good combination of asian taste.

Kris, LV and Mcdo Meal

It's funny to know that even Kris, chooses McDonald's to comfort her during tough times.
Kris Aquino holding her LV Graffitti wallet,
and (2meals) McDonald's Cheeseburger,
Large fries , and I think OJ88 drink.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Stockholder's Meeting

It's a start. Cross fingers. I am really excited about this.