Saturday, July 11, 2009

Visit from English-speaking McDo Delivery Guy

Never fails.

I always get those impressions that I'm not a filipino-speaker. There was this time that I went out, wearing really old clothes with holes on it and ordered at Jollibee (delivery was not yet available in our area) the cashier went speaking in English, even I was wearing basahan clothes, she still have me mistaken for a foreigner, and so I played along. Lol.

Then there was this time that I paid the collector for the jeepney, and he then told me, 'Hold on, wait' (he has no change for the money I gave him, so he went to find change, then he gave me my change, and said 'Thanks'.

And there are many times these already happened to me.

This time a McDo delivery guy tried his best to accomodate, the foreign-looking me to understand what he was talking about.

Mcdo DG: Let's go there, sir. (pointing to our garage, it was raining)
Okay, no more drinks, sir. (gesturing with his hands 'no more' sign) Then gave me a a thumbs up.

This incidents proves that Filipinos, especially those on service oriented jobs are really serious about being hospitable and to always keep their customers feeling special and comfortble. I commend the McDonald's and Jollibee crew for being so accomodating to foreigners, and foreign looking people, lol, like me.


Jehzeel Laurente said...

Hahaha... yah you look so foreign. As in. Kung nakita kita personally, tahimik lang cguro ako, kasi di ako marunong mag english. Hehehe :D

Charlie Chan said...

You have seen me before, sa office di ba?