Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day Ends At Asian Twist

Went to Greenhills, to buy new phone for shobe, and then shuffle for me.
Then straight to S&R for grocery.
And then:
The hell with my allergies, here's what we ordered:
Tuna sesame seed rice tataki?!
Grilled chicken in crepe with white sauce.
Creamy seafood Bibimbop (ricetoppings)
Bagnet Bibimbop (ricetoppings)

(Fish) Fillet Bibimbop (ricetoppings)

All of those ricetoppings end up like this.

And then the fight for that Asian Twist signature cake continues:

Asian Twist cake is fille with mousse, mango, and a sansrival-like crust, for PhP85.00

And here's mom and dad after eating. lol