Sunday, January 31, 2010

Manny on Google Adsense

WT*! Manny Villar on Google Adsense too?!
It doesn't make sense to bombard me with Villar ads.


I didn't understand at all. (or was it just the failed copy from the youku site?) Why was the child the last hope of mankind? ---'s survival? Was it going to pro-create by itself? Because as far as it looked like, the whole New Mexico looked like possessed (actually it wasn't the whole NM, because it's just a number who came, anyway--- trailing off).

It looked like a nice movie, but it wasn't at all--- nice costume though. It had unnecessary characters, unnecessary scenes, just not made its point.

Done some research--- okay that Legion are demon, and they are/it is many? Well, it's not called legion if it wasn't?

Left me just questions. Why the child? Why suddenly God thought "Ah, I'll do Armageddon today."? Why them? Are they the chosen ones? And I also don't get it, why suddenly Jeep Hanson got those tattoos from Michael and then just appearing alive? And then fighting again with Gabriel?

Jobs Well- Done

It was a recommendation from Kelvin for me to read this, before my interview (if I would have a scheduled one): Black Bag: Inspirations: Steve Jobs' Commencement Address

The speech had three parts. Steve, talked about 1) connecting the dots, 2) love and loss, and 3) about death, which all were very practical, and meaningful, at least from what I think, essential for success--- to be like Steve.

1) connecting the dots:
More on simply saying that everything happens for a reason, and we'll never know until we look back. Appreciate everything happening to you. We don't have to understand it today.

2) love and loss:
I think this is also simple--- that we should learn from our loss, or learn to let go, and take in the new. I love this part,
I'm convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You've got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.
It hit all the questions right, it's like answering the question--- Why this job?
 --- because I'm certain that I will love what I will be doing, I am excited about the task--- that it would be as such, because I love it, and it feels normal.

Also, he said to keep on searching if haven't found it yet.

3) about death:
Seize everyday. Don't think too much--- at least don't think of what other people say--- trust your instinct because it somehow knows what you want, because it is your blurred deliberate desire, sort of.

Great read! Thanks Kelvin.

AIDS | Awareness Is Defense System

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Smoke and Die

Video Credit: Kwong Fei
This one is a good anti-smoking ad from Malaysia, I guess it is their aim to scare--- because it is scary. So, if you don't want to look and have Cancer, stop smoking.

David Beckham's Balls

Video Credit: Yik Yang Nicholas
My goodness, she went over her curiousity. LOL. It's everyone's question actually. It's too big in the Giorgio Armani ad, is it real?

Gibo or Dick

There are two persons already that gave a good comment for Gibo and Dick:

From my cousin, Jeff: I'd say Gibo or Gordon, Gordon done's better at Subic, for Gibo, He's talking sense. Except for the commercials.
From my batchmate, Kelvin: hm.. maybe my vote will go to gibo or gordon. mas maganda yung may political will. chek mo din yung commercials ni gibo for me mas may laman yun. maganda lang yung recall nung kay villar dahil sa kahirapan ung pinoint niya. para sa akin mas maganda ung president na may kayang ibahin ang pananaw ng isang pinoy at ihikayat silang magsipag at makipagcooperate para sa lahat. hindi yung tipong papakainin mo lang, bibigyan mo ng bahay na hindi naman nila nabago ang mga sarili nila ganun pa din may bahay lang pero walang pagbabago hindi sumusunod sa batas at nasa maling pananaw pa din ng pagiisip. hehe

Here, he used his initials--- Gibo Teodoro, good one, Galing at Talino, but what is being said here--- all that DAPAT sentences--- we already know that, that it should be like that. What we need is a detailed how to.

Again with all the DAPAT, I think people won't understand that Gibo meant, to harness our talents, to make that change and to advance. And it is boils down to how will he lead us to do his vision.

Yeah, I hope so too--- that it is POSIBLE.
Now, with Dick, just ignore the name. He is all action. And Jeff, had a good point there, that he did a good job in SBMA, and other organizations that he's been part of. So we'll just hope that he will do a great job for the whole nation?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tunay Nga Ba?

Poor Dolphy, if the C5 case on Manny Villar be proven true--- tsk tsk, that would put a toll on Dolphy's reputation--- "... umangat ang buhay, na walang niloko at walang dinaya..."

Who are you going to vote? We still have time to think. Noynoy or Villar, but then the two just got crossed out, now it's Gibo Teodoro or Dick Gordon.

Swide | D&G Backstage Pass

Okay, thanks to Swide team who always provide peeks on D&G's backstage.

D&G always gives us sex when it launches new collections. I think the new spell for sex is D&G.

From ads to runway, it always spells sex. (This prove that sex still sells in advertising industry, and it never fails)

All their ads are so erotic.

Subscribe to Swide and get your latest D&G Runway updates.

Latest trends.

See your favorite models on prep.

Disney characters are just forever.
More on

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Look for Live Performance

My blogger's new look. I was not satisfied with my new year's template, so I looked for another that will suit advertisers well, LOL. It's time to get something out of this 2 year old blog.

Tai-Ma is a Strong Woman

Ang Kong William, her favorite son and Tai-Ma, Jacinta Lao-Chan
Chi ge si gwa e Tai-Ma kap si Ang-Kong before, now she is bed ridden, but still lucky to have reached 90(+) age. She is well taken care of by Kong Domie and his family with 2 rounds of Medical Technicians from Cardinal Santos Medical Hospital, and financed by Uncle Jojo. When I saw her, I remembered Ahma and thought that if the situation was like that of Tai-Ma's, I think she would still be here.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

GFAPY Blog Up Now!

Yesterday, I finished the email and blogger html set up of the United Chinese Youth's (GFAP Youth Group) blog. Still doing some minor touch ups with Leo and Peterson's comments.

I chose to have the template scroll- like to match the calligraphy: 宗聯青年組 and still feel a little Chinese, old Asian, eventhough it's a youth blog, so we can show our love for the culture.

I was think of searching for the best header--- since Leo suggested heads of Chinese youth, maybe I can search in the upcoming event--- since all of them are surely in their best self because of the date.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wedding Video by Bong Sare

Darvin & Carla from Bong Sare on Vimeo.

I saw the Jojo and Ciara wedding video on Cecil's blog, and thought that the video was nice and click the link for the other video that he (Bong Sare) made. Cinematic style, very nice, ang sarap panuorin paulit ulit,  and he chooses songs that are very fitting to the couple and how his story moves. Galing!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Updated: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray, a movie for vain people. Scary, how one can be corrupt, consumed by their desire to be forever. Pleasure is the main theme, and in the end Dorian was so sick of it all, and wants something real.

The story was by Oscar Wilde, maybe it's the thing in their time, well I can say it is up to now.

Updated: Some of the perfect lines that define life from the movie:
* People die of common sense... Life is a moment... Make burn always with the hardest flame-- Lord Henry to Dorian
* No civilized man regrets a pleasure-- Lord Henry to Dorian
* The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it-- again from Lord Henry to Dorian Gray.

Lord Henry has lots of really nice lines.

Vision or Promise, which is better?

Noynoy's Covenant with the People

Villar Vision
I think Noy's copywriter sucks (maybe it's just me, maybe I am not just the right market the TVC is intended to). It might work for others as what me and my mom was discussing. Noynoy still promising--- in his parents name, what a coincidence?! LOL. That move is really not so good, I was expecting something different. And the end message really does it--- "HINDI AKO MAGNANAKAW", and so what, we already know that you won't (How dare you if you will!). How about the people around you, how will you stop them from corruption?

Villar's TVC is promising, the right words--- different from everyone else's not just the lame old "Hindi ako magnanakaw"--- He is offering us solution (a little like a promise, but sounding like a solution)--- (I just wish he can show it to us, how he will do it.) to corruption (prevention is better than cure) and how regain Filipino dignity. Plus points for Villar.

Note: I'm not paid or whatever by these candidates.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Project Renovation: Red Wall Day Two

At day two, I almost finished it, but it needs some minor detailing and polishing. Here's what I have finished at day two:

Tulip color ceiling, almost white but not. (whole of the dining area)

Walls with Honey Bun color

And my red wall

My gorgeous red wall
If I would be having my interior design firm I would call it, The Red Wall 紅牆. Neat, don't you think? LOL.

Will post the amount of expense at little later.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project Renovation: Red Wall

Inspiration: Gate of the Forbidden City--- & Tibetan monks

Photo Credit: Cor Lem

Day One: Scrapping the paint bubbles?!

Before: Dragon Cross Stitch on white wall.

After: Scrapped white paint off, revealed original paint.
I am planning on an Asian look to match the Dragon Cross Stitch. We will replace our dining table with a rectangular one to maximaze the space.

One of our dining's chair. Old Narra with inlays. It comes with a big round table.

Maybe, we can replace it with this?
I think we also need bamboos to complete the look. After framing the four seasons prints from HK.

Bamboo to be placed on the corner post, but not as decor.
Tomorrow, will be painting day! Good luck to me, how I can decide on the shade of red I will be using.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stella Gems Online Now!

This is Earth set don't underestimate, the stones are quiet heavy.

Yin Yang promotes harmony

Sunshine set will brighten you day
The Stella Gems' multiply site is now up, and ready to receive your orders. These are the first set to be sold. Be lucky this coming Chinese New Year!

Trial Version 2010 Presidentiables

Not the complete set.
Sana nga merong trial version.
Maybe politics should also create a trial version, so that we can choose better.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Singles Dinner!

Leo (Mr. Nice Foods) holding the Aquaknox menu.
If we'll regularly have the singles dinner, no one will be single anymore. Meeting gorgeous women every night. LOL

Wuhoo! GFAP-Y Singles Dinner was a blast!
Leonardo Natividad (1/12/2010 12:02:03 AM): onga, parang mano po party nangyari (at one YM conversation)

Natasha’s King Prawns with Mangoes
(with organic greens, red onions, mangoes, and lemon garlic dressing); PhP300.00
When we talk about food, there's really no saying no. The house was packed with Chinese youth excited to meet each other. Good food is really the best companion while having a good conversation. Good thing that Corinne thought of an event like this, it helps the 1,000+ association members to be closer.

Floyd (Mr. Frabelle Fishing) and Corinne.
I had so much fun at my own table, deciphering Jim's Putonghua conversation with Gerard, listening (actually eavesdropping) to Floyd and Leo's business talks, and most of the time laughing at everyone's story.

Plates looking ransacked.

Planning the KTV night.

Leo singing Tong Hua.

Debbie singing her heart out.

After the dinner, we went to KTV, and here talents are revealed. Didn't know that Leo is a singer. Lol. Sam has a cool voice and so is Debbie. Just bad that I wasn't able to finish the ktv night because I have to leave early to finish a presentation, and left with Gerard.

(Please follow the link for the food reviews: charliechapsuey & unclank)

Monday, January 11, 2010

McDonald's New Packaging

New packaging for the McSpaghetti
Okay, talking about measures of being GREEN. Does it really help that McDonald's, the largest food chain in the world (I think) dropped the use of styros for their most famous children's meal?

We all know that styros are non-biodegradable waste, and paper is bio-degradable. Which will more save the planet from global warming? a) Using paper and cutting trees to make them or b) Using styro and disposing them properly? (well, is there any way to dispose them properly?)

We'll just have to research about that. LOL. Don't get me wrong I love McDonald's. Love ko 'to.

Friday, January 08, 2010

My First Unclank Post

Here! here! my first ever post as an Unclankie. Oopps, Unclanker, I mean. Hey, visit our site for the lastest reviews of the clanks (Oh my goodness that sounds like Starwars. My brain is a little bit shaky today so, just go with it. LOL). Anyway, as for my first post it was all about (why don't you just visit the site and read it). LOL. You will love it and shout "love ko 'to".

Sunday, January 03, 2010

I Feel Lucky

I pray to God and Buddha to help me this year, with all my goals. I'm excited for tikoys!

Stella Gems 福星

Stella Gems 福星(Lucky Star)--- I imagined gems harvested from the meteors sent by gods from heaven to give us luck. Stella, is the Italian word for star.

Stella are hand made adornments made by my mom. It's not bless by monks, it just follows simple feng shui color guides. It will always be faith in ourselves that is important--- these are just mere enhancement of beauty.

Stella Gems will be available soon. Follow link to visit stella gems.

Tea Fight 斗茶

A wave movie (Japan and Taiwan):
Starring Vic Zhou (F4), Chun-ning Chang (White Tower),
Teruyuki Kagawa, Erika Toda.
Photo Credit: Taiwan Cinema
I got to watch Tea Fight, a Japanese/Taiwanese film with Vic Zhou. It has an extraordinary story, I didn't even know that there was such a story about the tea. That's what I am talking about (regarding Mano Po 6) creating a visually and deep literary piece out of some very simple thing such as that of our tea.

The watercolored?!animation at the opening scene has a nice feel--- "ancient-y" yet new?! (you get the feel that they are telling an ancient story because of its color but it's crisp in terms of rendering) and you know that it's Japan who made it.

Dad: Pagtapos mo manuod nyan gusto mo na mag tea fight.

After seeing the movie, I want a tea fight, but before that I want to go back to Hong Kong and learn how to prepare a tea ceremony, or do we have it here in PH? I also want to try that Oolong tea--- (di masarap sabi ng tatay ko)--- I have had Jasmine and the regular green green tea--- oh! I also want a Lotus Tea--- looks nice--- like magic.