Sunday, January 31, 2010


I didn't understand at all. (or was it just the failed copy from the youku site?) Why was the child the last hope of mankind? ---'s survival? Was it going to pro-create by itself? Because as far as it looked like, the whole New Mexico looked like possessed (actually it wasn't the whole NM, because it's just a number who came, anyway--- trailing off).

It looked like a nice movie, but it wasn't at all--- nice costume though. It had unnecessary characters, unnecessary scenes, just not made its point.

Done some research--- okay that Legion are demon, and they are/it is many? Well, it's not called legion if it wasn't?

Left me just questions. Why the child? Why suddenly God thought "Ah, I'll do Armageddon today."? Why them? Are they the chosen ones? And I also don't get it, why suddenly Jeep Hanson got those tattoos from Michael and then just appearing alive? And then fighting again with Gabriel?