Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 New Year: Blue Bowl

Lights started to flash outside around 11 p.m. and that signals the start of the countdown. I waited for the big booms with the DSLR on top of our broken poso post. My dad prepared the Dragon Fortune Fireworks. The clock dingdong-ed 12:00--- we left 2009 (at least on our Gregorian calendars)--- no one knocked at the door (it was a way already that Ahma usually knocks at our door to greet us happy new years and gives my parents and me ampaos, I miss her. It’s our second new year without her) --- we welcomed 2010 with success, prosperity and fortune, happiness, long life and luck.

Fortune fireworks sparked at our gate c/o Alex from the Dragon Fireworks.
We ate together at Ahco’s house, next to our house (we live in a compound duplex). They had lechon (I don’t eat pigs), so I had pancit by Susan’s Palabok, Lumpiang Shanghai (I was craving an hour ago, before New Year countdown), and the whole table was packed with food--- I don’t know what the other dishes were, because I was already satisfied with my Lumpia. LOL

My not-so-perfect-not-so-okay-at-all shots of the exhibitions from our neighborhood.

At Ahco's round table.
And then lunch was prepared by Shobe for a lunch date with Angkong. She was supposed to prepare some cheesy mac, but the pasta will not do, so it’s all Asian--- Shanghai (again, but this time a different one), Chorizo rice?! (Pardon me for I don’t know the name of the dishes, I just know how to eat), the oh so famous Cream Dory which was breaded, hmmm the Asparagus and Carrot Sukiyaki?!, Tenderloin strip with Sesame oil cooked in butter?!, Molo soup with Maling? --- it was supposed to be egg rolls, but there was no Maling eggrolls already so this happened to be the alternative.

And then after the meal, I tried to get myself drunk. LOL

Obviously I won't get drunk with a Cruiser. LOL See the blue arrow,
I poured in a small amount of my mom's gin.
And I have a brandy beside me (Angkong brought in).

While I try that, they all chit and chat:
Angkong and Dad; talking about unending construction stuff.
Turuan ng turuan kung sinu gagawa, akin na lang. LOL

Shobe and Ahco minding their own business.

And then ofcourse the meal won't be finished after you eat desert.

These were not by Shobe--- Brownies Unlimited.

Happy New Year to everyone! To all the people that made my 2009 a blast, thank you! To my former company, the people there, thank you for the 11 months. To my interns and new found friends, Pride of La Salle, especially Moning (for dropping me at the safest place everytime; that goes to Neil too), Neil, Vince, and Master Chef Tony. To Sean "The Pie?!" for the up coming site, and for reminding me that there is God. To my GFAP-Y Badminton group, Leo, Gerald, Jim, Steve, Katrina thank you for the smashes. To 7degrees studios, for the projects! Hope for more projects to come! To my college friends! To my family, my parents for still providing for me, LOL, wag nyo muna ko palayasin, my Shobe for cooking me Carbonara whenever I crave, to Angkong for being visible again (LOL) and proving that you still care for Mama Aty.
They placed the rice in a blue bowl because blue is the lucky color for this year. Blue is not an appetizing color, but it's lucky.

The house is painted blue, so I guess---.

I tried to write a letter in Chinese, here it goes. LOL

2 comments: said...

Hello Charlie. That is one very festive celebration. I'm envious!

Your blog post made me miss my early kid days when we used to have our special occasion family dinner at Ama's house. But when Angkong passed away, we started doing it in restaurants.

Happy New Year!

Charlie Chan said...

Hi Miss Janette!

It's just recently that Angkong got reunited with the family (since he has 3 hehehe).

These occasions are celebrated with family either it be at home or restos, as long as you're together it's fine.

I bet my Ahma and you're Angkong have better feast in a better place they are now.

Happy New Year also!