Thursday, December 31, 2009

Postura is Now Open

Classic how it may sound, the name POSTURA is derived from the Spanish word for Posture or Tindig in Filipino. Another reason is that the word POSTURA has this certain bearing or notion which means -having good/nice/neat clothes- "Posturang-postura siya…". -from Postura Clothing

For your classic pieces with modern flair, shop at Postura.
Here are the first collection of Postura Clothing, modeled by Angelo Carandang and Rommel Alumia:

White Camisa de Chino cotton tee with ruffle details.

White Gusot Mayaman Polo with grey strips detailing.

Chinese Collar Stretch Polo with pin tuck detailing and Flap Pockets in Blue Green.

Swiss Cotton Polo Shirt with pin tucks and snap button details in Midnight Blue and it
Comes with a detachable button Broach

 These pieces are very versatile, you can wear it in formal events, office or in parties, just like the women's 8 to sawa clothes (day to night). Now if yu have a taste for something different, unique--- go shop at Postura Clothing, it's just one click away.