Monday, December 28, 2009

Etiquette: On Treating

Added me an hour ago.
I just thought that she was pretty. I usually ignore invites coming for people that I don't know.--- I was right, she was JUST pretty. LOL

First, you don't asked to be treated. You should be asked to be treated. There's a difference.
So, then you were asked, you don't order yourself, unless you were told to order by yourself.
Finally, you must be at some level or degree of friendship (or atleast if you are comfortable with the person--- this are for persons you treat) before you accept being treated, and also to treat a person. You can always refuse to be treated (that is if you're not yet at a level that you think you should be doing so). In Chinese, or so my great-grandma told my dad, that you should not refuse money or food, but I think there are exemptions. You don;t want to look like a PG, do you? Have some pride.

I treat friends whenever I enjoyed the company, I don't allow them to treat me--- that's bad I guess, so sometimes I let them.