Saturday, December 05, 2009

Quest Diagnoctic at PAMET Exhibit

This is the booth that Mr. Francis commisioned the booth designer to make, it's simple and well lighted, but I think it would be better if the display, or the demo units are the ones showcased, maybe placed in a cylindrical volt-type in the middle of the booth area (so that people can just go around it, the desk for the AEs can be at the side) that can be locked after exhibit for security. Anyhow, LOL, the booth was still the best--- because of the give away--- who would have think that Havaianas was such a craze--- okay not Havaianas, but rubber slippers. Here are some of the people waiting in line and (let's stress this) didn't even budged to eat lunch, not even to pee--- surely we can say 'BLOCKBUSTER' event for Quest Diagnostic.

The exhibit is the biggest for all medical things--- I guess?! because PAMET is the head of the event and it includes the whole medical industry (nationwide) plus it's already in its 45th as an Annual Convention. The big names in medical industry were present like Merck, Johnson & Johnsons, Beckman and Roche to name a few.

For those who don't know, Quest Diagnostic is a supplier of medical equipments and other paraphernalia, mostly NIKON machines, like microscopes.

PAMET launched a new website:

One PAMET officer did went to the booth, not to join the line, but to tell them to stop it for awhile--- all the people are present in the booth but not at the talk.