Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am watching this Korean series now, Heading to the Ground, and I'm just hooked. (actually I just finished)

Here's episode 10 where Bong Goon, played by U know Yoon Ho,
and Hae Bin played by Go Ah Ra, danced to win the laptop prize.

Go Ah Ra and U Know Yoon Ho (DBSK)
Go Ah Ra, sometimes resembles Grace Lee (but Grace has bigger boobs) --- brown eyes, ofcourse Korean fresh skin---

Innocent, but sexy.
Photo Credit: Asian Gallery Club

Can also be elegant and sophisticated.
She's really preeeettty. I will marry her.
Photo Credit: Star East Asia
The series is nice--- mixture of sports action (I'm sure it will be a hit here, moreso for the football fans), comedy and romance, light drama, nothing too heavy--- but always the kilig factor. It's also good that they paired up good looking individuals. It's okay to say that U Know Yoon Ho is also good looking, not bad at all (not too handsome, just right to make it realistic, LOL, okay okay don't murder me DBSK fans). You'll be disappointed in the end because that's what Korean series always do--- disappoint you in the end.