Monday, December 21, 2009


The movie is a CLASSIC! Fantastic--- story, lines, characters, colours, they did thought of everything very well. James Cameron is the man.

Opening scene--- Pandora's forest--- you'll be attracted to the world of Pandora, intrigued by how it seems to be so similar to our world, but radiates different energy. It was easily presented by James, by adding little details to pieces from our world and creating it for Pandora--- plants, animals, clothing, language, religion and culture. It was a good movie because the audience can relate to it, because it has the things that I mentioned.

Naturally, people want to be different, and always likes to learn new things, creating a world and new species, would trigger, an urge to be familiar with them--- start with Tolkien and his” Lord of the Rings”, he created a whole new world, that people want to dissect and learn everything that it is, magical, and powerful, just like Pandora’s, except that it explains everything--- it is told to be ‘science’, energy and not magic--- connection of life force.

The movie has rich colours, it is visually engaging, it’s popping right out of the screen, and I was not even able to watch it in 3d--- bad SM NE IMAX (full already). The characters movements are flawless.

I can’t explain my awe with this movie; I wish that it was real. LOL.

*Note: Photo are from Rotten Tomatoes