Thursday, December 31, 2009

Young Victoria

Photo Credit: impawards
Recently saw the movie, Young Victoria. The movie told not just the story of Queen Victoria, but the story of every girl, every woman--- the desire to be a princess, and the desire to be threated not just a woman, but a woman of capability. She is all about equality--- as seen through her (with her husband Prince Albert) projects for the poor and working class and how to enhance their situation. The movie is a reality of a perfect fairytale, eventhough she faced unpopularity sometime in her reign, she still managed to pass that thru a marriage, true love (yet atleast that's what the movie was showing) and maybe then it was a very nice escape, and politically it seems quite a good event to take away people's attention to whatever the other issue was and focus on more chessy things (maybe it didn't happen like that, but still).

Photo Credit: thegreenwichphantom
It's hard to believe, that true love can exist in a world of power. The life of Victoria, the Queen, showed that monarchy, being a queen, is not just glits and glamour, it is a responsibility.

About the acting, Emily Blunt, did it really well! From the devil's assistant to becoming a young Queen, she made a long jump, but well I can't imagine anyone to do the role better than she did. I really felt the love and conviction of every words they utter to each other. I imagined Victoria to be that stiff but still sweet.

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For the costumes! Wuhoo! I remember those laces, I imagined them perfectly just like that.